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Hookup Baits

The Most Exciting, Premium Hand Crafted, Jig to Hit the Water

Hookup Baits is a manufacturer and designer of specialty fishing jigs and lures. All products are designed, and manufactured in San Diego, CA. 

Unlike any jig design on the market, Hookup Baits utilizes realistic eyes, shape, color and action, which significantly increases the number of bites and fish caught.

They allow the fisherman to match the size and type of bait fish the game fish are feeding on.

The jigs can be casted, jigged vertically, and trolled. 

Get Hooked on our Most Popular Jigs

3/8oz Medium Mint

Released in early 2018, the Mint Color jig is making huge waves by catching a ton of fish!

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3/8oz Large Red Crab

Designed without eyes to best simulate the real red crab. Bass absolutely devour these things!

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1oz Big Game Chovy

Chovy continues to be one of our most popular jigs, especially in the Big Game arena.

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With 5 different sizes ranging from 1/32oz small jigs that are 2″ long, to 4oz custom sized XL monsters that are 8″ long, and 10 different colors to choose from, there is guaranteed a Hookup Bait jig for you and the fish your going to catch! Need help deciding? Check out our Recommended Bait list. Ready to buy?

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Hookup Baits on Angler Chronicles

Owner Chad joins Sergio of Angler Chronicles featuring Freedom Boat Club and Hookup Baits

Cedros + Anglers Chronicles

Fishing with Sergio and Angler Chonicles this week are Captain Dave Marciano, skipper of the F/V Hard Merchandise. You can see/read the individual Cedros Posts here and here.

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Other News

What else is happening with Hookup Baits

Thoughts and Prayers for our Good Friend Nate!

Nathaniel joined the Army in 2010. Shortly thereafter he suffered a severe head injury, during a training mission, just days before he was to deploy to Afghanistan. Holding the rank of infantryman specialist, he had to medically retire as the injury has caused weekly uncontrollable grand mall seizures. Next week, 2 days before his 29th birthday, he will undergo a life-changing surgery to insert a Neuro-implant under his skull. It is the latest technology and will be able to detect a seizure within a millisecond, send an electro shock, and stop the seizure. Before he undergoes this procedure, he wanted to fish with Chad. Yesterday Chad made his dream come true! He had an amazing day fishing with Chad, his girlfriend Katrina, cousin Jason and uncle Norm. Unforgettable memories he is forever grateful for!

Saltwater Bass Series Championship – Last Session

Fished the SBS kings of calico Saturday. We decided to stay local and was able to put together a nice 23 lb bag but the guys that fished Mexico turned in some impressive bags. We did however catch some monster sand bass and Al got a big lingcod. Fun day over all. #hookupbaits #grundens #shimanofishing #mossynissanelcajon #saltwaterbassseries #mermaidsmilk Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

Hookup Baits Mend-It and How To Use It (Video)

Through many trials and errors of testing other products, Hookup Baits has chosen to use Mend-It for it's bait repair needs. Other products left the bait looking unrealistic, easily breakable in other areas, discolored, etc. Mend-It is the only product that helps repair baits and restores the original elasticity without damaging or compromising the product! You will not get a quality bait with a replacement body. The bait will be unfinished and will not work the same. We want you to have best chance of getting bit, so here is what we are doing for you. Check it out!! Mend-It Instructional Video https://youtu.be/HFpKzPSgIJw Mend-It FAQs https://youtu.be/okqtPCu9NHo Buy Now!

Hookup Baits Are Now US Patented!

We are honored and thrilled that after years of hard work, lots of patience and plenty of persistence, Hookup Baits has been awarded a U.S. Patent for the Original Hookup Baits Jig!! The patent is for invention number D822147 and it covers the unique and effective design and build-approach of the Hookup Baits jig. By using only Original Hookup Baits jigs, you can rest assured that you are fishing with the most productive and versatile bait on the water. We thank our Hookup Baits team members, family, partners and friends and mostly YOU, our customers, for helping us get to this point. If you see, hear or run across ANYONE selling or claiming to have a design similar to the Original Hookup Baits jigs in shops, online or out on Social Media, please contact us immediately and they will be dealt with accordingly. We can't be more excited about this big news and look forward to delivering you more Original Hookup Baits! Buy Now!

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