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Our raving fans are all over the place – you’ll find them on Facebook, Instagram and even here on our website. Here are what a bunch of them have to say.

The ghosts eluded us again, but we did actually have an epic day of rockfishing. Some really nice sized fish and a lot of fun!! Hookup Baits #hookupbaits Eldorado Sportfishing

Epic Day of Rockfishing!

Rainbow Trout love that black/gold! The Big Browns will jump on it too. The little 1/32 oz. worked the best for me this summer in the Eastern Sierras and the white garlic sauce really had em licking their lips...LOL...!

Rainbow Trout Love That Black/Gold

I am not part of the Instagram but I will be. Here are a couple of fish that I caught on hookup baits!

Excited to Post on Instagram!
Jack Petersen

When nothing else was working, I used a Hookup Bait this weekend and got a 52 lbs. Blue fin tuna. Thank you Hookup Baits!

Blue Fin Tuna with HUB

Here’s a couple photos of a 58.1lb White Sea Bass I caught on a 1oz Red Crab HUB. It was at the 4th Battle of the Bays Tournament at Dana Point in July. There were several HUB guys there who took pictures. It was really exciting. Love your product.

Love Your Product!
Tom Warsheski

Last weekend I was fishing a local Bass tournament and caught this 8 pound channel cat on a Mint 1/8 oz. Hookup bait! What a rush!

What a Rush!
Dan Sexton

Love this thing! Mint made it happen!

Love This Thing!

Have used Hook up Baits for a year now. Lots of calico bass and sand bass. Also 23 lb halibut and now a 37 lb white sea bass.

Over a Year of Calico and Sand Bass!

50lb plus Black Sea Bass on the Glow Green Big Lewbowski! Of course released and assisted back home safely!

Big Lewbowski
Richard Penksa

The ghosts eluded us again, but we did actually have an epic day of rockfishing. Some really nice sized fish and a lot of fun!! Hookup Baits #hookupbaits Eldorado Sportfishing

Hookin’ Up My Buddies!
Tyrone Moreno

We messed them up on the channel islands with hookup baits in red. I became a believer in this right here.

Messed Them Up with Hookup Baits!

Got this 30"/9# Halibut yesterday evening on San Diego Bay on the 5/8 oz. Red Crab. It's especially rewarding to me as although that Halibut was not the largest I've ever hooked in San Diego Bay, it is the largest that I've actually Landed and I was able to make the catch so close to home. Thanks for a Great Bait!!

Thanks for a Great Bait!
Paul Gomes, Jr.

Fished Lake Almanor located by Mount Lassen last week and caught some nice rainbows using your small bait. Really worked great and no one up there ever heard of them. Now they have!!

Now They Know About Hookup Baits!
John Alaimo

Scored my first Yellowfin in California waters this weekend, second time using Hookup Baits. Where have these plastics been all my life!?

Where Have These Been All My Life?

I just returned from taking my 12 year old grandson out for his first trip of the year and just wanted you to know that he caught his first yellowtail using your hook up baits red crab plastics. He is hooked for life !!❤️!! ...the red crab was the hot choice for the day. Thank you for a great product and even better customer service...I will definitely buy more soon!

First Trip and Mint Color Worked!

I just returned from taking my 12 year old grandson out for his first trip of the year and just wanted you to know that he caught his first yellowtail using your hook up baits red crab plastics. He is hooked for life !!❤️!! ...the red crab was the hot choice for the day. Thank you for a great product and even better customer service...I will definitely buy more soon!

Hooked For Life!
David Thomson

On a recent trip aboard my boat The Ollie R., my best friend Capt Ernie Zacato caught this MONSTER 28" 21.4# Sheepshead on your RED 4" Hook Up Bait. We also caught nice quality limits of Calico Bass.

Monster 28″ Sheepshead
Capt. Joe Oliver

This stupid thing interrupted my calico fishing... I guess these @hookupbaits do work. #fishing #seabass #whiteseabass #casper #ghostbusters #hookupbaits

Hookup Baits Work!

I thought would let you know that I love your lures and have caught many Calico Bass on the 1 1/2 oz. jigs. But my favorite though so far was catching 3 Ling Cod on the 4 oz. mint out at Santa Rosa Island. My friend Jim Dunkle placed his order the next day!

I Love Your Lures!
Bruce Schultz

The Yellows love the Mint! Had to give the deckhands one mint because we caught 7 Sandbass at the bait barge mine was the biggest 5lbs no pick Captain set it free lol

Yellows Love The Mint!
Lori Heath

Add smallies to my HuB's list. Glad the 1/16 chovy came quickly in the mail!!! Thanks guys

Adding to my HUB List!

Been fishing since I was 5 and I've never caught a legal halibut, until NOW!!!! All thanks to #hookupbaits what a blast!!!! Murdered the bass, cuda, juvenile WSB and countless short butts! Hookup Baits <3

First Legal Halibut

Caught this last weekend on a 1.5oz green sardine! Best picture I could get of the bait in the mouth was the first picture, it was a video so didn’t get a great shot of the lure and it bounced the lure out of the mouth on the deck. Hope you can use it! We were fishing off of La Jolla! First fish caught in the new boat! Thanks again!

First Fish in the New Boat!

The black/gold and Chovy 1/32 ounce Hookup Baits were on fire today. Lost around a 10+ hookjaw on the black and gold went under the boat dock, couldn’t stop it on two pound, got a couple on the fly as well.

Hookup Baits are on Fire!

You guys rock. It may be hard to believe, but your customer service may be more amazing than your Hookup baits!
Thank you very much,

Best Customer Service!
Ty Smith

Took a trip on Tidewinds Sportfishing in Brookings, Oregon yesterday. Captain saw me with double hookup bait rig and said what is this guy doing. Had a great day on HUB and he told me that his first impression was wrong haha! Went on HUB charter before moving here and it payed off!! Really wanted to share a pic of this tiger cod. Time to order more and think other passengers will be getting some!!

Proved the Captain Wrong!
Frank Rubalcaba

It was my first use of a Hookup Bait! One of the younger guys on the boat saw the red crab color and said that will catch fish for sure and immediately when it hit the water, it was inhaled! It was quite an exciting day and I just placed an order for some more HUB's with the money I won in the jackpot. You just can't make this stuff up!

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!
Arnie Bazensky

Fished Mother's Day morning off Huntington Beach with friends. Caught numerous Sandies and Calicos on the original Hubs in Red Crab, Anchovy and Sardine colors. Lost a monster when fishing the very light line with a red crab. 1 & 1.5 oz sizes. Making believers out of my friends, out fished the bait dudes 2-1.

Out-fished the bait dudes 2 to 1!
Paul Haase

Another nice Lahontan cutthroat on the 1/8 brown.

Nice Lahontan Cutthroat on the 1/8 Brown

I fished your 4oz red crab today. WOW!!! 5 Lings, 2 Big Reds, 2 Big Chuckle Heads. Let my buddy use it and 2 more Lings and a Big Red! Half the boat...what is that?! Thank you!

4oz Red Crab Filled Half of the Boat!
Dan Nagy

Love the Red Crab.

Love the Red Crab

I fished the big green sardine for the 1st time last weekend at Colenet. Got limits of these big reds. Love these lures will be fishing them all the time now.

Getting Limits!
Kenny Dean

Returning from a 2-1/2 day trip from Colonet. The 4oz Hook Up Baits caught every thing. Yellowtail, big Reds Whitefish, Sheephead and Lingcod.

The 4 oz HUB Caught Everything!

Shark was on a glow green 1 or 1.5 oz. hub. With the stank sauce. Right outside the mouth of the bay.

Nailed Trout on the First Cast

Shark was on a glow green 1 or 1.5 oz. hub. With the stank sauce. Right outside the mouth of the bay.

Glow Green at the Mouth of the Bay

We just bought these from your site and took them on our Aloha Spirit charter. No live bait on board. Used plastics and jigs. My husband landed this white sea bass using the red crab.

No Live Bait Needed!
C. Morimune

Great Rockfish bite on these guys. Hookup bait's Anchovy/Fishing Syndicate Rod/tranx 300. Perfect combination.

Rockfish Love ‘Em

Hookup Baits - they work great thanks for making a bad ass product definitely going to buy more.

A Bad Ass Product!

If you ever find yourself having a hard day catching fish just tie on hookup baits they’ll never let you down!!!!!!!

They Really Do Love ‘Em

If you ever find yourself having a hard day catching fish just tie on hookup baits they’ll never let you down!!!!!!!

They’ll Never Let You Down!

I’m a believer! Thx you Chad for the extra goodies I really appreciate it!

I’m a Believer!!

New Year, new start for fishing. The first fish of the new year was a spotty. Used a 1/8 sardine Hookup Baits for all the fish in the pictures. Mikey J. caught this 23in halibut and a juvenile black sea bass on a 5/8 mint.

New Year, New Start for Fishin’

On the 5/8 red crab hookup baits!

Red Crabs Are On Fire

Big Game Jig still killing the Reds in the Florida Panhandle

Killin the Reds in Florida

I don't know why these work so much better than other baits, but I don't care. The results speak for themselves. And they are made in the USA! If you haven't put a Hook Up Bait in the water and you love to fish, you owe it to yourself to try this bait!

These Work So Much Better Than Other Baits!

Had a great few days fishing pyramid lake in Nevada. Caught around 15 fish on one lucky 1/4 oz brown HUB. Here's one of them.

15 Fish with 1 HUB!

Sickest baits ever always catching! I feel like a spokesperson cuz I'm always talking about the hookups!!!

Sickest Bait Ever!

They catch everything! #hookupbaits #sdbay

They Catch Everything!

While some of us were fishing the island looking for quality models, Joe Wilson and Duane Dinnocente found some fine specimens near shore.
The story was they caught them on fly lined fined bait but who knows they could of been using Hookup Baits baits.
Keep a eye out for these guys.

Sneaking in the Hookup Baits!

Absolutely wrecked some local freshwater ghosts. We both limited out and keep pounding some more. Released over fifty with a hand full of largies to go with it. Fall fishing is fun!

Wrecked Local Freshwater Ghosts

Simply the best lure ever. No hassle of having to put a jig lead head hook in your swim bait anymore. Just tie...and fish!

Best Lure Ever!

These are the baits I told you about... They are incredible.

They are incredible

My name is Susan Stutz and live in San Diego and there is nothing I'd rather do than fish! My dad told me about your product (he saw them at the Day at the Docks) so of course I wasted no time and trying out your product....so here's my experience using your baits; they work AWESOME!!! We killed it catching lots of Halibut and Spotties in the bay over the weekend.

They Work AWESOME!!
Susan Stutz

Best thing since live bait. Seeing the Hookbait crew on the water and on facebook is always a Joy. From the company it's self to the good times/fish the customers (including me) get it's been the only thing in my fishing journey that lived up to the hype. 10/5 stars

Best Thing Since Live Bait

Best bait out there. I can always plan to catch fish when I tie one on to my line

Best Bait Out There

By far the best baits out there. Got almost of my personal best fish on them. The bait works and great people. I recommend it to everyone.

By Far, Best Baits Out There

Chad, Jojo, and staff. Thank you for being such strong supporters of our SDAnglers Club and the many activities that makes this club so special. Most importantly, thank you for supporting our Active Military & Vets through our Warriors on the Water projects.

Thank You for Supporting Our Troops

Ran my brothers 28 foot Sea Dory to the reef off of San Gregorio in about 60 to 70 feet of water. I was with my old time fishing buddy Perry who has fished the Bay Area all his life. We used the 1.5 oz chovy Hook Up baits and hooked 8 lings along with other quality varieties of local rockfish. The action was incredible on Hookup Baits. Also, used the Shrimp Butter scent you sell and that seemed to work even better!

Action Was Incredible

Slaying Bull Redfish with the Big Game Jig here in Florida Panhandle...Jigs were out fishing live baits!

Slaying with Big Game Jig

Hookup baits is now my go to bait! Love the action, and love the reaction from the fish. Just ordered online for the second time, and this is the second time I get them from them the very next day after they ship, which is awesome considering the estimated delivery is 3 days. Keep doing what you're doing!

My Go To Bait

1st time using your baits Saturday night Huntington Harbor WOW !!!!! I'm SOLD. 4 nice Spotties within 1/2 hour. 1/4 oz red crabs did the trick on 3 1/4 oz chovy on another.

I’m Sold in Huntington

Used the 1/4 and 3/8 oz white shad and chovie baits trolling and jigging/casting to catch these lake Mead stripers. They produced when the normal lures and bait wouldn't. Great new weapon in our arsenal!!

Great New Bait in Arsenal
Michael Graves

1st time using your baits Saturday night Huntington Harbor WOW !!!!! I'm SOLD. 4 nice Spotties within 1/2 hour. 1/4 oz red crabs did the trick on 3 1/4 oz chovy on another.

First Time and I’m SOLD!

I tell you what Hookup Baits are legit. I usually just drop mine and do zero action to it. It does all the work. Sometimes I just let it sit and it will get bit. I am buying a Shimano Saragosa spinning reel set up today based off of a recommendation from Chad. I have been using a bait caster but it does not peel line off like a spinning reel for the sink or present the natural retrieve that a spinning reel gives. Props to all of you at Hookup Baits!

Hookup Baits are Legit

I was lucky enough to cross path with you guys at Day At The Docks this year and even luckier to win a starter kit from you via the SDBB. I just finished trying out the baits and they are amazing! They are so effective and easy to use that even my 4-year old son was able to catch his first spottie on these lures. I want to thank you guys for an amazing product and your cooperation with the SDBB. (I hope to see your lures at SQUIDCO)

They are Amazing!
Abel Salazar

Used your baits for the first time today. 15 out of 20 cast my line never even hit the bottom before I knew it I was hooked up into a nice calico every time. Thanks a lot hook-up baits!

Hooking Them Up Before Hitting Bottom

Alright Hookup Baits! I'm sold! I've been buying your stuff at LP Fishing Supply. Handed some out to the kids at the last Oceanside Anglers meeting and raffled some off on a 3/4 day family charter last Saturday. Well yesterday I went and fished the Carlsbad Lagoon with em and oh my! What a day! Got a couple small(10-12") Halibut, one 15 1/2", one 18" and finally my first legal out of there at 22 1/4"!!! Also a couple small spotties, one little sandie, and two baby White Sea bass!!! What an awesome day! I'll be going back to buy more and probably won't give them all away this time! Hahaha!!! Thanks for a great bait!!!!

Alright, I’m Sold

The largest of the Calico bass were caught on the "Hook-up" baits. In the Junior jackpot, (a large Calico) took first place on a Hook-up bait. I think this was about 5 lbs. A big thanks to Dwayne our Charter Master. He orchestrated a great charter last night. For our first trip of the year, we had over 50 folks that joined in. We had a little breeze and gave us a little rolling action that upset a few folks tummies.

Largest Calico

Unexpected package in the mail today! Big Props to HookUp Baits and thanks to Chad and Jojo for doing it right! You guys are awesome! Thanks for the HookUp and making it right. Hottest lures in SD.#hookupbaits #getyours #brown_and_gold.

Hottest Lures in San Diego
David Chavez

Treated myself to some lures that the name speaks for itself. #hookupbaits #fishing #lures #treatyoself #hookup #freshone #fishkiller #halibut #pointloma #lajolla

Treated Myself

All I can say don't blink on the sink. Really good bait. There is a technique to use these guys they're not a swimbait. Would highly recommend looking up YouTube video of Chad demonstrating how to use the bait if you don't know how to use it. Once you learn it you're going to Slay the fish.

Don’t Blink on the Sink!

LINGCOD!!! Jackpot!

Lingcod Jackpot!
Max Rosenberg

So this was at Shelter Island Pier. Fish caught was a Halibut. Was so stoked until O measured. It came out to 21 in". Had to release him, otherwise he would've been tacos. It was a great HookUp regardless. Bait used was 1/4 oz Chovy. Few more types were caught. It was great!! Thanks Hook Up Baits! Only bait ill use!

Shelter Island Hook Up
Jesse Lujan

Shayan used my mint, 1st cast, 8# @ Poway. I slayed them @ Dixon, hit limits in 90 mins.

Slaying with the New Mint Color!
Karen Oswald

We had a Mity Might kayak tourney in Dana Point this Sunday and the winning fish was caught on a hookup bait!

Winning Fish Caught with a Hookup Bait!

I ended up buying and trying the original. I tried the Chovy 5/8 oz 4" 2 for $9.99. Love em. I used only artificial that day including yours. I caught fish while 4 others used only live bait. 1 live bait user also caught fish and all the rest got skunked. Thanks for your help! I'm telling everyone!

I’m Telling Everyone!
Patrick Lao

Went out to finish the break in on the #new #suzukimarine #df70a today. Even caught a couple of #dinks on the way back in. Couple of short #halibut and a bunch of short #spotties all on #hookupbaits.

Catching All With Hookup Baits

Was at Fred hall show on Wednesday bought $900.00 of your baits. 1st time I put your new sauce on red crab...nice 20 lb. halibut! Just want to let you it works. Also we had over 100 bass, sand bass and calico’s! Love your baits.

Over 100 Bass!
Stuart Bowman

There be monsters! I love kayak fishing, because your next cast just might bring something you didn’t expect! I was catching some okay sized spotties and moments ago this happened.

There Be Monsters!

13 lb 2 oz canal striper on the hookup bait! I got a few other striper and bass on it. First time fishing it out there. Those things are gonna come in handy.

Come in Handy!

Awesome day today. We both were hooked up a lot. The Hookup Baits were on fire we both caught over a dozen bass on the Hookup Baits.

Hookup Baits on Fire!

This 6lb 10oz trout fell for a hook up baits mini jig. These jigs are deadly. Thank you.

These Jigs are Deadly
Michael Wolfe

Slow night makes you take out the hookup baits to end the night with some fish #hookupbaits #spottedbaybass #bassfishing #bass #hookupbaitsareliketidepodsforteens

Late Night Bite!

The Bass were Bitting the hot bait today was the 5/8 hookup baits. Thanks #hookupbaits

Bass Biting the Hot Bait!

It’s 80 degrees and the butts are biting. #hookupbaits

80 Degrees and Biting!

Freshwater fishing in the morning. Saltwater by night. Landed this sick calico on a 5/8 hookup bait! 1st of the year and it’s a legal size!! Photo cRedit @g_h_fishing fishing with @fishingmissionbay and @g_h_fishing #saltlife #sdfishing #winterfishing #fishinginthewind #hookupbaits

My First Calico of the Year

Spotted Croaker...a fantastic fight! #hookupbaits #sdfishing #nolivebaitneeded

A Fantastic Fight

Good morning fishy’s never a bad day fishing.
#sandiegobay #hookupbaits

Never a Bad Day!

Sunday slayday! #killfish #whiteseabass #hunting #peaceful #grateful #fishing

Sunday Slayday!

I'm so impressed that I could order your custom 3 and 4 oz lures and have them arrive at my home the next day...Hookup Baits is my number 1 favorite lure and always produces great results.

My Number 1 Favorite Lure

Super fun morning fishin' with the homie Charlie. Fish were crushing the hookup baits all morning.

Crushing the Hookup Baits!

Had Newport Bay all to myself. Thanks to Hookup Baits today was catching not fishing! Used Sardine Green/Silver 3/8 oz.. 4 Sandies, some small Calicos too.

Newport Bay Catchin’