Founder of Mermaids Milk – Al Vazquez’s Portfolio

Who is Al Vazquez? I have been a fishing since I have been old enough to do it. Growing up I always loved fishing. Throughout my years as a fisherman I would have considered myself a yellowtail and tuna type of guy. But now I have found my passion in salt water bass fishing. The fishing bug is imbedded within me, I can never seem to get enough fishing time in on the water. I find myself fishing as hard the last ten minutes of the day as I did the first cast of the morning, I simply love the grind. The suspense of not knowing what will bite on the other end of my line with my next cast keeps me motivated to keeping going sunup to sundown. What I feel separates me from another fisherman is my open mind. I am always willing to learn, adapt, adjust, and even experiment on the fly. This allows me to constantly push myself to become a better fisherman and overall catch better quality fish, but it isn’t always about me catching fish, I’ve learned that you must be selfless before you can be selfish. Not only do I enjoy catching fish myself but teaching and helping others catch fish is truly gratifying. Why did you come up with Mermaids Milk? Mermaids Milk was created for our tournament fishing as well as to specifically meet the needs of the Hookup Baits. There are many other good fishing scents out there, but Mermaids Milk [...]