Honoring Grandma Evelyn with Vintage Trophies for HUB Tourney

Written by Jojo  Evelyn L. Breech loved to fish! It didn’t matter if it was freshwater or saltwater, Grandma loved being on the water. Some of her favorite places to fish were the Colorado River, Martinez Lake - north of Yuma, and San Felipe Baja, Mexico. I remember many weekends where Grandma Evelyn and my mom would head out in Grandma’s boat for a fishing tournament with the Yuma Women’s Reel and Rifle Club. They won many awards because they were a great team! If Grandma wasn’t fishing, then she was buying fishing pole blanks. She set up a special table where she would sit and wrap fishing poles for fresh and saltwater. She used them for her own personal fishing, different tournaments, and gave many to family members as gifts. I have so many wonderful memories of fishing with my mom, dad, and Grandparents. Grandma Evelyn has passed away, but I treasure each and every handmade pole she made. Every fishing bag that has her initials “ELB” written on it reminds me of her and I hope to carry on the passion of the sport of fishing being a third-generation woman that loves to fish. I know if Grandma Evelyn was here today she would be Hookup Baits' biggest cheerleader out there on the water fishing with the baits. In her honor, for our 1st Hookup Baits tournament to be held on October 6, 2018, my parents gave me many boxes of trophies that were won by my Grandma [...]