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Recommended Hookup Baits by Species

These are most popular in size and color but definitely not the only ones that work for each species.

SpeciesRecom. BaitPurchase
Bass - Striped1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Buy Now
Mackerel1/4 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Corvina1/4 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Bass - Spotted Bay1/4 oz. Glow Green or ChovyBuy Now
Flounder1/4 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Bonefish1/8 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Pike1/8 oz. Sardine GreenBuy Now
Gar1/8 oz. Sardine GreenBuy Now
Bass - Large Mouth1/16oz and 1/32oz, Shad White or ChovyBuy Now
Bass - Small Mouth1/16oz or 1/32oz, Brown Gold or Sardine GreenBuy Now
Trout - Brown1/16 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Trout - Cutthroat1/16 oz. Chovy or Black GoldBuy Now
Catfish1/16 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Sacramento Perch1/32 oz. Black GoldBuy Now
Trout - Rainbow1/32 oz. Black GoldBuy Now
Carp1/32 oz. Black GoldBuy Now
Trout - Lighting1/32 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Trout - Brook1/32 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Blue Gill1/32 oz. Sardine GreenBuy Now
Crappie1/32 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Pampono1 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Rooster Fish1 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Bass - Sand1 oz. Glow Green or Red CrabBuy Now
Soupfin Shark1 oz. Red CrabBuy Now
Blacktip Shark1 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Spinner Shark1 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Lingcod1.5 oz and 4 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Rockcod1.5 oz. Red Crab or Shad WhiteBuy Now
Whitefish1.5 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Redfish3/8 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Permit3/8 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Lady Fish3/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Jack Cravalle3/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Snook3/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Tarpoon3/8 oz. Shad White or Brown GoldBuy Now
Albacore5/8oz ChovyBuy Now
Bass - Calico5/8oz Chovy or Red CrabBuy Now
Barracuda5/8oz Red CrabBuy Now
Bass - White Sea5/8 oz. and 1 oz. Black Gold or Red CrabBuy Now
Yellowtail5/8 oz. and 1 oz. Chovy or Red CrabBuy Now
Buy Now
Halibut5/8 oz. Black Gold or Glow GreenBuy Now
Dorado / Dolphin5/8 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Tuna - Yellow Fin5/8 oz. Chovy or Sardine GreenBuy Now
Bonita5/8 oz. Chovy or Shad WhiteBuy Now
Sculpin5/8 oz. Glow Green or Shad WhiteBuy Now
Dog Tooth Snapper5/8 oz. Red CrabBuy Now
Sheepshead5/8 oz. Red CrabBuy Now
Pargo5/8 oz. Sardine GreenBuy Now
Sierra5/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now

Recommended Equipment

There are many combinations of equipment to use, but these are Chad’s favorites.

Trout Fishing

  • 7′-6″ 2-8 lb rated rod
  • 1000 size spinning reel (Shimano)
  • 4 lbs nanofil braided fishing line
  • 4 lbs flurocarbon leader

Bay Fishing

  • 7′-6″ 8-17 lbs rated rod
  • 3000 size spinning reel (Shimano)
  • 8-17 lbs nanofil braided fishing line
  • 8-17 lbs fluorocarbon leader

Inshore Fishing

  • 8′ 17-30 lbs rated rod
  • 5000 size spinning reel (Shimano)
  • 30-40 lbs braided fishing line
  • 25 lbs fluorocarbon leader

Big Inshore, Offshore and Rock Fishing

  • 8′ 25-50 lbs rated rod
  • 8000 size spinning reel (Shimano)
  • 65 lbs braided fishing line
  • 40 lbs fluorocarbon leader

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