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Recommended Hookup Baits by Species

These are most popular in size and color but definitely not the only ones that work for each species.

SpeciesRecommended BaitPurchase
Albacore5/8oz ChovyBuy Now
Barracuda5/8oz Red CrabBuy Now
Bass - Calico5/8oz Chovy or Red CrabBuy Now
Bass - Small Mouth1/16oz or 1/18oz, Brown Gold or Sardine GreenBuy Now
Bass - Large Mouth1/16 oz. and 1/18 oz. Shad White or ChovyBuy Now
Bass - Sand1 oz. Glow Green or Red CrabBuy Now
Bass-White Sea5/8 oz. and 1 oz. Black Gold or Red CrabBuy Now
Bass-Spotted Bay1/4 oz. Glow Green or ChovyBuy Now
Bass-Striped1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Buy Now
Blue Gill1/32 oz. Sardine GreenBuy Now
Bonefish1/8 oz. BrownBuy Now
Bonita5/8 oz. Chovy or Shad WhiteBuy Now
Carp1/32 oz. Black GoldBuy Now
Catfish1/16 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Corvina1/4 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Crappie1/32 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Dog Tooth Snapper5/8 oz. Red CrabBuy Now
Dorado/Dolphin5/8 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Flounder1/4 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Gar1/8 oz. Sardine GreenBuy Now
Halibut5/8 oz. Black Gold or Glow GreenBuy Now
Jack Cravalle3/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Lady Fish3/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Lingcod1.5 oz and 4 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Mackerel1/4 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Pampono1 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Pargo5/8 oz. Sardine GreenBuy Now
Permit3/8 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Pike1/8 oz. Sardine GreenBuy Now
Redfish3/8 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Rooster Fish1 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Rockcod1.5 oz. Red Crab or Shad WhiteBuy Now
Sacramento Perch1/32 oz. Black GoldBuy Now
Sculpin5/8 oz. Glow Green or Shad WhiteBuy Now
Sheepshead5/8 oz. Red CrabBuy Now
Sierra5/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Snook3/8 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Tarpoon3/8 oz. Shad White or Brown GoldBuy Now
Trout-Brook1/32 oz. ChovyBuy Now
Trout-Brown1/16 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Trout-Cutthroat1/16 oz. Chovy or Black GoldBuy Now
Trout-Lighting1/32 oz. Brown GoldBuy Now
Trout-Rainbow1/32 oz. Black GoldBuy Now
Tuna-Yellow Fin5/8 oz. Chovy or Sardine GreenBuy Now
Yellowtail5/8 oz. and 1 oz. Chovy or Red CrabBuy Now
Buy Now
Whitefish1.5 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Soupfin Shark1 oz. Red CrabBuy Now
Blacktip Shark1 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now
Spinner Shark1 oz. Shad WhiteBuy Now

Recommended Equipment

There are many combinations of equipment to use, but these are Chad’s favorites.

Trout Fishing

  • 7′-6″ 2-8 lb rated rod
  • 1000 size spinning reel (Shimano)
  • 4 lbs nanofil braided fishing line
  • 4 lbs flurocarbon leader

Bay Fishing

  • 7′-6″ 8-17 lbs rated rod
  • 3000 size spinning reel (Shimano)
  • 8-17 lbs nanofil braided fishing line
  • 8-17 lbs fluorocarbon leader

Inshore Fishing

  • 8′ 17-30 lbs rated rod
  • 5000 size spinning reel (Shimano)
  • 30-40 lbs braided fishing line
  • 25 lbs fluorocarbon leader

Big Inshore, Offshore and Rock Fishing

  • 8′ 25-50 lbs rated rod
  • 8000 size spinning reel (Shimano)
  • 65 lbs braided fishing line
  • 40 lbs fluorocarbon leader

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