Fishin’ HUBs + Replacement Bodies by Tom & Cash Troop [VIDEO]

2019-08-23T13:46:30-07:00August 15th, 2019|Newsletter, Videos, Your Hookups|0 Comments

Thank you to Tom & Cash Troop for a sneak peak into an afternoon fishin' on the Hookup Baits. Also a look at the new Replacement Bodies! All fish in these videos and photos were caught on the sardine green replacement bodies on 1/4 oz jig heads in SD Bay. Mostly with crustacean scented Mermaid’s Milk. We did use some of the Fin Bait scented Mermaid’s milk as well. Cash caught the Spottie in the night photo on a 5/8 oz sardine original HUB jig. Some of the bigger spotties were over 16”. We love our HUBs! Photos Video To purchase the replacement bodies used in this video to catch some amazing fish, click here!