14 04, 2021

We’re Catching Big Redfish in Florida!

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We really enjoy getting these testimonials sent in from our loyal customers. Especially when they live in different states! Hookup baits absolutely do catch big Redfish in Panama City, Florida. Here's my nephew, Rhett, with a beautiful 16 pounder. We caught plenty more as well on the HUB up to 19 pounds! - Proud Uncle

6 11, 2020

How to Store Your Kayak Properly!

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15 Tips On How To Store A Kayak Properly For Years Of Use Here is an awesome article that shows you how to take care of your Kayak so that it lasts for years! Here are a few of our favorite tips: Indoor Or Outdoor Storage? So the first question you have to ask is Indoor or Outdoor Storage? In an ideal world, you should always choose Indoor Storage if you can because it will keep up the longevity of your kayak and protect it from the elements. We realize that not everyone has that option though. In this guide, we will show you the best solutions for most types of kayaks. Use Indoor Storage If: You have room in the garage for storing your kayak You own an Inflatable Kayak You want Your Kayak to be sheltered from the elements You don’t mind storing your kayak in a renting storage space You are a Do it Yourselfer You don’t mind getting a rack to store your kayak You don’t want to find anything living in your kayak You want to keep your kayak for a long time Use Outdoor Storage if: You have no Garage If you have a Sheltered Space away from the elements Your kayak is undercover somewhere You Live in a Cooler Winter Climate How Do You Store A Kayak In The Winter? The obvious answer here would be to store it indoors where it is protected like a garage. However, if this is not an option [...]

18 10, 2020

Husband Brags About His Wife’s HUB Victory!

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We do love a good brag! Especially when it's a man bragging about how awesome his wife fishes! "So... I have to brag on my wife. She won the little local SD Fish Session this morning at San Diego River using a HookUp Bait. The bait is evident in the photo of the winning fish. She was using the Black Gold 3/8". In fact one her very first cast of the morning she hooked into something that peeled off a lot of her spool before spitting the HookUp Bait out. I suspect it was the jackpot-winning halibut for the ongoing jackpot but that's just a fish story. Thanks for making my wife's fishing experience a good one! I just placed an order the replace some missing colors in my/our tackle box." - Mike Maysey Check out the forum mentioning her win at SDFish.com!  

14 09, 2020

Riverview Men’s Trip Was a Success, Thanks to HUBs!

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When we get messages like this, we can't help but be grateful. Thank you so much, Justin, for taking the time to send us this writeup about your trip up north. We're happy to have been a part of the reason why you all had so much fun!   "I wanted to say thank you again personally and on behalf of all the men at Riverview Church in Bonsall Ca. We are forever grateful to you, Matt, and Chad. The men all got to learn a lot about fishing, we got them on fish, as tough as the eastern Sierra's are this year, and they all had a blast. Friday We headed up early to Bishop at 4:30 am. We got to Lone Pine around 10ish and stopped for breakfast and to let everyone else catch up. Then we headed up to Whitney Portal to fish the creek. As expected for the creek, the water was cold, rushing, and about 1 ft deep with some pockets a bit deeper as water rushes off a fall. Everyone was catching trout. I believe they are all stockers coming from Oregon as the euthanization of all the local hatcheries has really impacted Eastern Sierra recreational fishing. Lots of fish caught, but all in the 6” to 8” range. Later that afternoon we checked into our hotel in Bishop and headed over to a nearby spot to fish the Owner River as it heads into Bishop. No luck at that spot. We [...]

10 09, 2020

When Customer’s Share Their HUB Testing! [VIDEO]

2020-09-24T15:32:54-07:00September 10th, 2020|Newsletter, Testimonials|1 Comment

We love getting testimonials from customers, but videos are even better! Thank you so much for this awesome video. We're glad that Hookup Baits survived your fishing test! See more customer videos on our video page. Watch Video https://youtu.be/phAIJuPrAeI

28 07, 2020

GROM Highlight: Mason Noonan!

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Mason, 9 years old, lives in San Diego but this week he is in Alaska going to try out the Hookup Baits while he is there. This is what Mason's Mom said about our Hookup Baits Grom: What does Mason love about Hookup Baits? He catches something every time and how easy they are to tie on and all the colors. He sleeps with them in his tackle box on his nightstand and watches TV with them next to him! We love Mason's passion for fishing and can't wait to see what he catches in Alaska. Thanks to Uncle Fred for being part of the team that makes these great baits and Aunt Lynn that makes sure Mason's tackle box is always full of Hookup Baits. We are proud you are all part of the HUB family!

27 07, 2020

Fishing in the High Sierra’s with the 1/32 Glow Green Jig!

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Thanks, Linda, for sending us your catch from your Silver Lake, CA fishing trip!! After reading about your lures I recently purchased some, and am happy to let you know that I was successful yesterday using a 1/32 Green-brown jig. The fish is a 3-4 lb, 22 inch Lake Trout/Mackinaw, and was caught at Silver Lake, CA in the high Sierra’s near Kirkwood Ski Resort. Get the 1/32 Glow Green Silver jig!

24 07, 2020

Sandy’s are Eating Up the Glow Green Silver’s!

2020-07-27T16:29:47-07:00July 24th, 2020|Newsletter, Testimonials|0 Comments

Thanks, Rob, for sending us your catch from your Santa Monica Bay fishing trip!! El Segundo, Santa Monica Bay, nice-sized Sandy’s (Barred Sand Bass) eating up the 1.5 Glow Green/Silver HUB’s! Get the 1.5 oz Glow Green Silver Big Game jig!

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