End of the Year Catch!

It's awesome to see HUBs out and about for special end-of-the-year trips for our customers! Took my last trip of the year to Ensenada for a little shallow water reds. Weather was great and the fish were hungry. What a great way to end the year. Red crab big game are the best. Happy holidays to all at Hookupbaits! - Rich

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Santa Cruz Skiff

Thanks for the review, Ferdinand. Glad the HUBs killed it for y'all. I just wanted to share our catch and adventure today. Albert and I brought our friend Ed and went to Santa Cruz and rented a skiff. No electronics at all and depended on Google Maps to find some structure. This was the first time for all 3 of us taking this trip. We introduced to Ed the HUB and he caught the biggest vermillion at 6.25 pounds! Purple, pink and mint were the hot colors today. Shop Jigs Now

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Success at Cedros Island

Thanks, Dave and Jeff! Looks like HUBs are doing the trick. Here are a couple photos from our recent October trip to Cedros. Both of these fish were caught on 1.5 oz Red Crab Hookup Baits while fishing a rock pile at the north end of the island. Thanks for making great baits! Shop this product

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A 32 lb Yellow Tail Caught on HUBs!

This was quite a special day. We planned to have to go fishing in Santa Monica Bay for bass and calico. We said we’d get off the water by 11 and our goal was to catch 50 fish before we left. The fishing was slow at the Santa Monica brick wall and AR. We moved down to the pipe and got on a good sand bass bite. The fish were we moved down to the pipe and got on a good sand bass bite. The fish were all spitting up squid so I switched to purple and brown on my double rig. 49 bass in and I said OK lets them up and move in and get one last calico. At that point, a yellowtail just completely smashed my Hookup Baits double rig. I jumped in the driver's seat and chased down the fish to get above it. Then proceeded to fight it back to the boat. Cash gaffed it with her rickety old kayak gaff. I reach down and grabbed the tail and we both heaved it into the boat. When it landed on the deck we knew we had a record catch for our boat. It was the first yellowtail ever voted on the SS baybasher. What a fine specimen it was. Those are the kinds of father-son memories that we will never forget.

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Fishing with Dad is Better with HUB

Thanks, Dan! Sounds like your dad had a successful fishing trip. Fishing with my Dad this summer was awesome. My dad caught 3 calico bass on his first 3 cast! I wasn’t even tied on yet. Lol! We lost count we caught so many. I’m guessing around 25 or so? All using the great Hookup Baits. See Post!

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San Diego Angler’s Warriors on the Water 2021

Such a great trip. We love doing this every year! Thank you so much for all your help to make it possible to provide such an awesome day for our Warriors! You are so very special to us and the San Diego Anglers! - Debbie & Dwayne Photos Note from SD Angler's Foundation We would like to thank you again for helping us this year in getting our military out on the water fishing with our Warriors on the Water program. The trip to the Coronados last week was a huge success (again!) as we caught tons of fish for the guys and gals in perfect ocean conditions. It was mostly bass and a few yellowtails but they bit all day long. By noon, they would not take a handoff as they had all figured it out and were catching the fish on HookUp Baits on their own. We caught so many fish we were delayed putting the boat in the slip as we had to sit outside the marina to finish cleaning the fish and we had been cleaning all the way home. We had a special guest on the boat, Col Willard Buhl, USMC who is in charge of the wounded warrior program for the Marines. His list of accomplishments is as long as your leg but he seemed to be the proudest of his commanding role in the clearing of Fallujah in Iraq in 2003-2005. He is an absolute joy to be around and we [...]

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