25 09, 2020

New Product – Lobster Candies!

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Last year we were asked by a Southern CA fisherman that does a lot of lobster fishing if we had ever considered using our Mermaids Milk for lobster fishing. So, Chad went into design mode and with the help of one of our fellow HUB Team members, we tested the new design with our Mermaids Milk scent against what is typically used for lobster fishing. During the lobster season last year, we found that the Hookup Baits Lobster Candies with Mermaids Milk was beyond effective! Features: Long-lasting Easy to use Simple application No clean up required Cost-effective No mess on the boat No collecting and storing bait More freezer space Lightweight and portable for kayak fisherman Durable Natural feel to the lobster Slow-release scent trail Mermaids Milk uses real fish oils in scent More lobsters for dinner! The Lobster Candies Kit comes with (2) baits ready to use and a 4 oz. Mermaids Milk Fin Bait Scent for $19.99. Teaser Video Shop New Product Now!

15 09, 2020

New Retail Location – Green Room in Fountain Valley, CA

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Hookup Baits will now be sold in Fountain Valley, CA at Green Room. This shop will be yet another one of our retail stores, so make sure to check them out for the newest Hookup Bait products. Head over to their website for more updates and info! Shop info: 18375 Euclid St. Fountain Valley, CA 92708 714-916-0033 Click the button below for other retail locations. Where to Buy!

10 09, 2020

When Customer’s Share Their HUB Testing! [VIDEO]

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We love getting testimonials from customers, but videos are even better! Thank you so much for this awesome video. We're glad that Hookup Baits survived your fishing test! See more customer videos on our video page. Watch Video

31 07, 2020

Hookup Baits is Going International! Canada Here We Come!

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Ask you you shall receive! Yes, it's true, Hookup Baits will now be shipping to Canada! We got so many requests for getting Hookup Baits over the border, so we decided to make it happen. Talk about supply and demand! This is an exciting new chapter for us, and the HUB family couldn't be more proud to be partnering up with our Canadian brothers. We cannot wait to get some feedback and photos from all the shipping trips in Canada for years to come!

29 07, 2020

“Empty the Warehouse” Apparel Sale!

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Summer is Almost Over, But The Deals are Just Beginning! That's right, we've decided to do another apparel sale! This time, we're going until all sale items are sold out! We have so many new things coming out soon, so we want to "clean out the warehouse" if you will. Certain items will not be reordered, so this will be the last time to get them! Big Discounts for select HUB apparel* and...FREE SHIPPING options Special offer is valid during the months of August and September. *While supplies last! Here are the Deals: Hoodies - $24.99 Tshirts - $14.99 Sunshirt - $24.99 Beanie - $14.99 Tank tops - $14.99 Long Sleeve tshirt - $19.99 Hats - $19.99 Face shield - SOLD OUT! SHOP HUB APPAREL NOW!

28 07, 2020

RECAP: Saltwater Bass Series Championship 2020

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On behalf of the HUB family, we want to thank Gerry Mahieu, Tournament Founder and Director, who started the Saltwater Bass Series in 2011 for a great 2020 tournament series and the Championship tournament held recently in San Diego. Hookup Baits is so proud of all of the participates and those who made it into the Championship Series. We are especially proud of our Hookup Baits teams that participated this year in the tournament series and made the championship. Hookup Baits had a number of Father/Son teams for 2020: Tom and Cash Troop - 3rd in the Rookie Division Scott and Danny Higley - 2nd in the Rookie Division Ty and Luke Wiese - Ty and Luke just missed qualifying for the championship tournament. Next time, guys! Other Hookup Baits team included: Chad Gierlich and Al Vazquez - 2nd in the Master's Division for the entire series Dale Shaw and Frank Santiago - 9th in the Rookie Division   We are proud of how well each of you did this year and loved watching you become better anglers. We treasure every laugh, every moment, and we are blessed to have you as part of our family. Looking forward to 2021! Tournament Photos  

28 07, 2020

Summertime Fishing with Hookup Baits 2020

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Trout Fishing-Mountain Lakes, Rivers, Streams Black/Gold 1/32, 1/16 & 1/8 oz. are our top performers this year! Other popular colors are Brown Gold, Chovy, Red Crab, Shad White, and Yellow White. New addition - Trout are loving the new Mermaids Milk Crawfish scent available in 2 oz size. New addition - We are offering Unscented Baits for fishing areas where artificial unscented baits are required! Comes in 1/32, 1/16, and 1/8 oz sizes. Available colors: Black Gold, Brown Gold, Chovy, Sardine Green, Red Crab, and Shad White. Always popular is the Mermaids Milk Garlic Scent available in 2 and 4 oz sizes. Freshwater Bass Fishing Large mouth and Stripe Bass chasing schools of shad in open water, using Mint, Chovy, Shad White, Black Gold, and Purple Silver in the 1/8 and 1/4 oz sizes is highly effective. Add the Mermaids Milk Crawfish or Fin Bait scent. Bay Fishing Spotted Bay Bass - ¼ is the go-to size in most bays from rocks, docks, or shore. When fishing from a vessel use the 3/8 and 5/8 oz. size for San Diego Bay and Long Beach Harbor in the Chovy, Sardine Green, Mint, Glow Green, Shad White, and Brown/Gold. There is always a good chance of catching a nice Halibut, Corvina, Corbina, or Sand Bass while fishing the bays with HUBS. Inshore Fishing Calico and Sand Bass - Staples for these fish 3/8 and 5/8 oz. near the kelp line. 1 & 1 ½ oz. double rigged with Owner 3-way swivels in [...]

28 07, 2020

GROM Highlight: Mason Noonan!

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Mason, 9 years old, lives in San Diego but this week he is in Alaska going to try out the Hookup Baits while he is there. This is what Mason's Mom said about our Hookup Baits Grom: What does Mason love about Hookup Baits? He catches something every time and how easy they are to tie on and all the colors. He sleeps with them in his tackle box on his nightstand and watches TV with them next to him! We love Mason's passion for fishing and can't wait to see what he catches in Alaska. Thanks to Uncle Fred for being part of the team that makes these great baits and Aunt Lynn that makes sure Mason's tackle box is always full of Hookup Baits. We are proud you are all part of the HUB family!

27 07, 2020

Fishing in the High Sierra’s with the 1/32 Glow Green Jig!

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Thanks, Linda, for sending us your catch from your Silver Lake, CA fishing trip!! After reading about your lures I recently purchased some, and am happy to let you know that I was successful yesterday using a 1/32 Green-brown jig. The fish is a 3-4 lb, 22 inch Lake Trout/Mackinaw, and was caught at Silver Lake, CA in the high Sierra’s near Kirkwood Ski Resort. Get the 1/32 Glow Green Silver jig!