31 12, 2019

Thank You for a Great 2019!

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As 2019 comes to a close we want to thank our customers, retail partners, HUB team and family for all of your support. We could not have had another successful year without you! This year included partnering with Dixiewrecked Fishing in taking vets out monthly for a day of fishing on the HUB Boat. What great gentleman we met, new friendships developed and most importantly our way to give back to these men that gave their time to protect us and this great country. Our HUB GROM Program doubled in size this year and what a great group of young anglers. Each GROM was so respectful, willingness to learn in becoming a better angler, generous with their gifts they received and many of our HUB GROMS participated in the Saltwater Bass Series Rookie Division and local tournaments which was great to see! These young anglers are the future of our fishing community and we are blessed to get to know each one of them. We want to especially thank our sponsors for the Vet and GROM trips that shared their products for these monthly trips: Angler Clothing Company, Fishworks, Fishgroms, and Greybeardwaterman. Hookup Baits 2nd Annual Tournament held at Mission Bay was successful with the increase of participation and so much support from all of our sponsors. Be sure to check out the video on the tournament page! This year we also introduced the Bullets, Replacement Bodies as well as a limited edition Sexy Sardine. We have lots planned in [...]

30 12, 2019

HUB Featured in Western Outdoor News for Catching 3 White Sea Bass! [VIDEO]

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Last week we were featured in the Western Outdoor News on Hookup Baits catching (3) WSB on the 3 oz Mint! Two big WSB came aboard the Hookup Baits boat last week. The first one caught while having the monthly vet trip by Dixiewrecked Fishing and Hookup Baits. It was caught in 85' of water with a long cast and slow retrieve with the 3 oz Mint HUB. The WSB weighed in at 65 lbs on the certified scale at Dana Landing. The second WSB was caught the following day with a long cast but this time caught on the sink (Don't Blink On The Sink). It was a similar size also on the 3 oz. Mint HUB. Both were caught in San Diego waters! Video

20 12, 2019

60lb White Sea Bass on 3oz XL Mint Hookup Bait on December’s Veteran’s Trip

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We got a good one on today's monthly Veterans trip with Hookup Baits. The White Seabass weighed 60 lbs. Even on the certified scale at Dana Landing Market and Fuel Dock. It ate a 3 oz. XL Mint Hookup Bait (purchase below)! Click here see the original facebook post and share! Photos of the Day

27 11, 2019

November Grom of the Month – Recap

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Good times on the water yesterday with November Grom Of The Month, Logan. His dad, uncle, and cousin joined along for the adventure. PB'S on calicos and sand bass were had all around with all but one getting a PB on spotties as well. Again, the limited edition Sexy Sardine was the hot bait. I also did well throwing the Sardine 3 oz xl HUB's. Thanks for the gear from Grom of the Month sponsors Fishworks Clothing, Angler Clothing Company, and Fishgroms. Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page! Grom Sponsors

22 11, 2019

Gift Cards Now Available!

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It's that time of year to start thinking about Holiday gifts. Not sure which jig your loved one uses? Want to give your boss the perfect holiday gift but have now idea about fishing? No worries! Now you can gift the amazing Hookup Baits virtually via electronic gift cards...they're as good as cash! Gift options range from $25-$250. So no excuses now on getting that special someone the best holiday gift ever! Click Here to Purchase Gift Cards!

5 11, 2019

Hookup Baits Gives Back! 2,300+ Halibut Release in Mission Bay

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About a year ago Hookup Baits had the opportunity to participate in collecting adult Halibut for a study with HUBBS SeaWorld Research Institute. On Thursday, 10/24/19, the HUB team as well as several other volunteers helped release 2,300 baby Halibut into Mission Bay! The study was a huge success! It was such an incredible learning experience and privilege to talk to the Scientist about the program, assist in releasing, and being a part of this amazing day on the water. We asked Tom and Cash Troop as well as Little Jax to join us so they too could be a part of this successful day. Get involved in volunteering for future events to support our San Diego fishing community. Learn more here: Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute Photos Enjoy a few select photos below. View entire gallery here, thanks to CCA Cal! Video

5 11, 2019

Hookup Baits Taking Part in Hunting Big Gators

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This article originally written by photographer Amy Wellenkamp and published by Ernie Marlan's Mixed Bag Fishing on October 25, 2019. (Re-published with permission) Enjoy the article!  

4 11, 2019

Things to Know About Spotted Sand Bass

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A while back this article published by California Department of Fish and Wild Life was released about Spotted Sand Bass. It's a few years old, but the information is still the same today! Have a read and let us know what you think about Spotted Sand Bass. Downloadable PDF Version Here

29 10, 2019

Introducing HUB’s New Shad White Color!

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Introducing the NEW Shad White Hookup Baits is constantly looking for ways to improve your fishing experience. Over the past four years we have introduced baits from 1/32 to 4 oz, The Bullets, Replacement Bodies and an assortment of new colors. However each bait that is designed and released is constantly being tested to see if we can create an even more effective bait. The Original Shad White color has been popular; however, after testing we found that by adding a purple hue to the top base with the pearl bottom matches the hatch of shad, anchovy and juvenile white sea bass and barracuda. The patent design of our baits targets such species as trout, all bass, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, yellowtail and tunas. You can find the original color in our clearance section (30% off MSRP) so be sure to stock up on them while supplies last. I think you will find the new Shad White color is more effective, versatile, and a color you want to be sure to have on hand. Pick up a pack of The Original Hookup Baits for your next fishing trip at one of our retail locations found on our website or at our online store. Purchase Your Shad White Jigs Now!

29 10, 2019

2nd Annual Hookup Baits Tournament – Recap Video

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The 2nd Annual HUB Tournament was awesome! A good time was had by all who participated! This video shows the highlights of an incredible day! Please share! For a detailed look at the results & winners, visit If you missed it thats ok, but DON'T MISS NEXT YEAR! Check Out the 2019 Tournament - Winners and More