13 10, 2019

BREAKING! Save Up to 30% at Hookup Baits’ New Clearance Store!

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We are proud to launch our new Clearance Store - where you can save up to 30% off of our products! Hookup Baits, Inc. takes great pride in the product we manufacture and we are always looking for new ways to improve the effectiveness and versatility of the baits. That being said, we have created the Clearance Store to be able to offer our customers the ability to purchase items with color variance, colors that are being discontinued or replaced or packaging that may not meet our standards. Some of the color variations you may find at the store are "one of a kind" and only available while supplies last. All items in the store have passed quality control to be sure they are as effective as the original baits and replacement bodies we sell. Be sure to always check out the clearance store as WE WILL ADD ITEMS MONTHLY for extra savings and unique products that will be offered as supplies last!! Get to shopping! DISCLAIMER Clearance items are 30% off. Colors may vary slightly from original Hookup Baits. All sales are final. Original Shad White color is being discontinued as we will be coming out with a new and improved color shortly. Get them while supplies last. VIEW CLEARANCE ITEMS  

11 10, 2019

2nd Annual Hookup Baits Tournament – Winners

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What a great day for a tournament! We are so proud of these tournament winners. Here are the 2019 Tournament standings: Tournament Standings Rock and Dock Division GROM Cash Troop - 40.5 Wyatt Kirkendall - 38.00 Max Sipes - 35.75 ADULT Tom Troop - 45.75 Roger Stern - 37.00 No entry/Award of cash and prizes raffled off Kayak/Float Tube/Paddle Board Division GROM Jackson Howard - 40.00 Tanner Cummings - 39.25 Devin Tear - 10.25 ADULT Danny Jones - 46.25 Dan Corey - 43.00 Darrell Sander - 39.75 Boat Division Ain't Got a Clue - 58.75 The Glenn's - 54.00 Patrick Sommers Team - 53.25 Casting Contest Brenden Robeson 92 ft VIEW TOURNAMENT INFO Thank you to our Sponsors Major Sponsors Other Sponsors

9 10, 2019

Thank You Sponsors – 2nd Annual HUB Tournament

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In case you missed it, we had an amazing 2nd Annual HUB Tournament. Thanks to these sponsors, this year's tournament was a HUGE success. We really wouldn't have been able to do it without you all. Thank you for helping us make the tournament run smoothly and seamlessly!   VIEW TOURNAMENT INFO   2019 Tourney Sponsors

7 10, 2019

Successful Tuna Catch with HUB Purple Bullets!

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Thank you so much, Dale, for sending us these pictures for our team to view. Thank you for supporting Hookup Baits, we appreciate you! Check out the HUB Bullets below along with some photos from Dale! Great Day on the water Sunday! Thanks to HUB, I got the first tuna on deck in my Ranger Bahia 220. All on Purple 1oz Bullets.

1 10, 2019

Fishing with Captain Marcelino Ceseña out of Baja California!

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Thank you so much, Ira, for calling and sending us these pictures for our team to view. What a beast of a ling cod and a lot of nice reds! Thank you for supporting Hookup Baits, we appreciate you. I caught a mix of 14 Ling Cod & Rojos (Reds) including the large Ling in the photo (felt like I was pulling a locomotive off the bottomJ). The only bait I used all day was a new Hookup Baits’ 3oz “Black Gold” Custom Jig. Missed hooking another 4 and 3 others I hooked up spit the bait out before I got them to the surface. Purchasing more of your great product; I am a believer. - Ira Stokes

30 09, 2019

2nd Annual HUB Tournament – Q&As

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In case you missed it, we did a live Q&A with Chad and Frank for this year's annual HUB Tournament which takes place on Saturday, October 5th, 2019. Here are the questions and answers for those who couldn't tune in! LEARN MORE AND REGISTER Q&As Q: I already signed up for the tournament but didn’t participate in the jackpot. Can I still participate in the jackpot and how do I pay? A: It is not too late to sign up for the jackpot if you have already registered for the tournament. To enter the Jackpot is $50 and it can be paid at registration via cash or credit card the day of the event. You will receive a wrist band indicating you have paid for the Jackpot. Q: I am a member of the Freedom Boat club. Can I use one of their boats for the tournament? A: Please check with Dan, the owner of Freedom Boat Club in San Diego for availability and clearance to use their boats. There are no restrictions for using their boat or an other rental boat as long as it is inspected at registration. If your boat is not trailered their will be a tournament judge at the launch ramp to inspect your vessel for clearance. Q: Can we sign up for the tournament the day of the event? A: Yes, however we can not promise there will be tournament shirts available in your size. Cash or credit card will be accepted as [...]

27 09, 2019

2nd Annual Hookup Baits Tournament is Days Away!

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Have you registered for the 2nd Annual Hookup Baits Tournament?! In just a few days, our HUB tourney will be held at Dana Landing on Saturday, October 5, 2019. This year is going to be bigger and better than ever! Great awards, prizes, raffle items and fun for all! All profits from the tournament will go towards the HUB GROM Program and to help get more of our Veterans out on the water! Hurry and register before it's too late! LEARN MORE & REGISTER

16 09, 2019

September Grom of the Month – Recap

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Had a full boat for September Grom of the month. Jackson (Grom of the month), his Mom and Dad, and 2 buddies Tanner and Max on the boat for this one. Fished local structure and SD bay. We had a slow pick on the bass most of the day with some amazing catches thrown in. The best was the 35 lb (on the digital scale) yellowtail Jackson reeled in on a 1.5 Sardine Big Game HUB jig. Congrats bud, fish of a life time! 2nd was Tanner using a little setup with 4lb line on it and catching a 7+ lb sand bass (weighed) with a 5/8 Mint HUB. All 3 of these boys are very respectful, polite and have a passion for fishing. Prime examples of Grom of the month. We had a very enjoyable time spending the day fishing with these boys. Best compliment a man can get: Mr. Chad today was the best day of my life! Thank you! - Jackson. Thank you Jackson and congrats again on your home guard yellowtail kid, you deserve it. Thanks for the gear from Grom of the Month sponsors Fishworks Clothing, Angler Clothing Company, and Fishgroms. Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page! Grom Sponsors

28 08, 2019

HUB Ambassador Highlight – Cash Troop

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How He Got Started Cash was introduced to fishing at approximately age 5 when I took him to a local Carlsbad pond to catch some blue gill. I handed him my bass rod with a Texas rigged plastic worm on it and asked him to hold it while I baited up a live worm on a small hook for a blue gill. Before I could finish setting up his pole he yelled “I got one!”, and proceeded to reel in a large mouth bass. I knew at this point he had the touch or just some really good luck. We didn’t start fishing regularly until he was about 9 years old. I have always encouraged Cash to do what he loves to do. I have tried really hard not to shoe horn him into my interests or push him to do sports or activities that he didn’t want to. We had been on a bike riding tear for some time and we hit just about every skate park and bike track I knew of. One Saturday instead of taking off on another bike adventure I asked Cash if he could choose anything he wanted to do that day, what would it be? He said he wanted to go fishing. This lead us to yet another local blue gill spot where he proceeded to catch about 30 blue gill! He was so stoked on fishing that he continues to ask to go fishing. After catching countless blue gill he said he wanted [...]