15 11, 2017

Utah River Fishing with Hookup Baits – Part 2 (Video)

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The first Utah River Fishing Video was a huge hit! So, as promised, here is the second part of the Utah River Fishing life. This video not only captures the absolute beauty of Utah, it also captures a bunch of brown river trout lovin’ on some Hookup Baits. Thanks to Cameron Jonas for the video! This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

2 11, 2017

Trout Boxes Great Deal, Now Available

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We are excited to introduce the latest product available for purchase, the Hookup Baits Trout Tackle Box. This pre-arranged box is full of the most effective range of baits, jigs and tackle designed for trout. Not only is it massive, it's offered at a great deal. This box of goodies retails for $150. Be the Trout Master for only $99. Buy Now   This Trout Tackle Box contains the following: Small 1/16 jigs 2 of each color: Black Gold Orange Gold Shad White Brown Gold Pink Silver Yellow White Chovy Red Crab Glow Green Sardine For a total of 20 jigs. Small 1/32 jigs 2 of each color: Black Gold Orange Gold Shad White Brown Gold Pink Silver Yellow White Chovy Red Crab Glow Green Sardine Green For a total of 20 jigs. Worm heads 2 worm head and 3 lose worms of matching color: Pink Glow Green Orange White Black Brown For a total of 18 worms. Spoons 1 each: Gold Silver Buy Now

2 11, 2017

2017 Tournament Recap

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The main reason why we started participating in the Saltwater Bass Tournaments was to test the effectiveness of the Hookup Baits compared to all of the other baits these great fishermen are using to fish these highly competitive tournaments. Well our Hookup Baits passed the test with flying colors in both bay and inshore! During the entire tournament series we only used Hookup Baits exclusively no matter what conditions, locations or type of fish we were fishing for. We wanted to share how effectively these baits work! Tournaments 2017 2017 Saltwater Bass Series Overall Champions 1st Place Olive Crest Pro/Am 1st Place Saltwater Bass Series (SBS) Championship 2nd Place Open Bay Bass Tournament San Diego Bay 2nd Place SBS San Diego Bay 3rd Place SBS Newport Bay 5th Place Saltwater Bass Anglers Mission Bay 15th Place SBS Long Beach Bay only 2017 Saltwater Bass Series Inshore Series Champions 1st Place SBS San Diego Inshore Tournament #1 1st Place SBS San Diego Inshore Tournament #2 2nd Place SBS Long Beach Inshore Tournament #1 1st Place SBS Long Beach Inshore Tournament #2 2017 Saltwater Bass Series Anglers of the Year Special Thanks We want to give a special thanks to Al Vasguez for being an awesome tournament partner that anyone would be proud to fish with. Also, shout out to Angler Chronicles, Owner Hooks and Freedom Boats for their continued support of these tournaments. Last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to Dave Bruce for lettings us borrow his boat for [...]

28 10, 2017

Trip to Queen Charlotte Safaris

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What a great trip to Queen Charlotte Safaris. A couple months ago. What a classy outfit. I just received these in the mail. My pins for getting a grand slam (halibut, lingcod, golden eye and king salmon) I did it in 1 day and all on Hookup Baits. Also my lingcod pin for catching a lingcod over 30lbs. Valery runs a very classy and clean lodge with great service and fishing. If you are wanting to go up north fishing I strongly recommend that you get ahold of Queen Charlotte Safaris. Thanks Valerie. This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.  

26 10, 2017

New Retail Location – Ketcham Tackle in Costa Mesa!

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Good News Orange County Fans!! We're proud to announce that Ketcham Tackle now carries Hookup Baits. As one of the top retail stores, we're proud to call them a preferred partner! We're gearing up a big supply for them, so check them out soon. Check out Ketcham Tackle on Yelp and follow them on Facebook! Click the button below for other retail locations. Where to Buy!

24 10, 2017

Celebrating 2 Years for Hookup Baits! Reflecting the Past, Planning the Future

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Friends, family, customers, sponsors. The support for our business has been incredible and seems to be endless! We can't thank everyone enough for the love and support that has gotten us to this point. We've come so far, but we're not stopping anytime soon! 10 Reasons that made it a year to remember and be thankful for: Great friends and loyal customers! Great support from our preferred retail locations that carry Hookup Baits. Great support from our major sponsors: Anglers Chronicles, Owner Hooks, and Freedom Boats. Tournament Series and Champions for the Saltwater Bass Series. Thank you Al Vasguez for being the best tournament partner a guy could ask for! TV and radio appearances with Angler Chronicles. Shared success stories, YouTube videos, and photos of customers that have caught fish on Hookup Baits. Opportunity to give fishing seminars at Fred Hall Long Beach, San Diego Anglers, San Diego Rod and Reel and variety of other fishing clubs throughout Southern CA. Giving back! This year we contributed raffle prizes to a number of tournaments, made a donation to CCA for their support, auctioned a day of fishing with Chad for Fisher of Men Charity and the Nice Guys Charity and donated to the arts program at a local elementary school in Alpine. We also traveled to East Cape to participate in the Casting for Soul's Charity event for our second year. Opportunity to wake up every day and follow our love and passion of fishing. Opportunity to build a company from [...]

19 10, 2017

A Hookup Baits BOGO Deal You Can’t Pass Up!

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Hey everyone, we've got a treat for you! We're doing a buy one get one sale for the anchovy butter ya'll love so much. Hurry up and grab some before they're all gone! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Click Here for Your Deal!

16 10, 2017

Inaugural Hookup Baits Fishing School Charter a HUGE Success

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What a fun day with a bunch of great people. We want to thank everyone that came out for our first of many all Hookup Baits school fishing Charter aboard the Sea Star out of Oceanside with Capt.Joe. These trips are by invite only for our great supporters and customers. There was a whole lot of learning going on. We broke the group up into four teams so each group had their own Hookup Baits instructor. Then we had various tournaments between the teams to see who had to wear the cat hat. We also did small seminars between stops. I believe everyone on board learned a few things and we caught fish and had tons of fun while doing it. The guys that got invited on this trip were the ones that let us know they would like to go when we posted our test run of this trip. So let us know if you would like to be on the next one and we will put you one the list. We absolutely love helping our supporters become better anglers. Thank you all for this opportunity to do so.  This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.  

13 10, 2017

October Fishing off of San Diego Coast using Hookup Baits

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Fun day on the water with the crew yesterday. Fished local SD waters. Did bass in the morning then went and caught a lot of nice bonita and a few small yellowtail then finished the day off with more bass. Congrats to Hookup Baits rookie Daniel Bittner on 4 pb's . Calico, sand bass, bonita, and Cabazon. Tim had something monstrous on in the morning but broke off after a few minutes of fighting. Maybe next time brother. And as always the only tackle on the boat was Hookup Baits. This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.  

7 10, 2017

Hookup Baits and Fishers of Men West Coast head East

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What a fun trip to the east cape with Angler Chronicles and Fishers of Men West Coast. Fishing was a little slow for east cape standards but we got a lot of species, just nothing big. I did have the opportunity to cast and run the Hookup Baits by a couple marlin and actually had one turn on it but he didn't take it. The shoe give away is always a humbling event. We are very pleased to be apart of it. Thank you Jack of Fishers of Men for the award. It was totally not expected by Jojo and I. But very much appreciated. Check out this event for next year. Every body is welcome. And make sure to catch this episode on Angler Chronicles when it aires! This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.