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15 01, 2019

Red Crab Baits Are Killin’ It!

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You're going to want to make sure that you have the Red Crab Hookup Baits in various sizes as a part of your arsenal. The red crab or pelagic tuna crabs are already starting to show and everything eats them! The Red Crab HUB is extremely effective when the fish are feeding on the live crabs. Just like what happened last spring with the white Seabass, the Red Crab HUB was the best chance at getting bit. This made the Red Crab HUB a very popular choice for anglers targeting WSB. If you want big Sheephead, there were 3 Sheepheads over 20 lbs that we know of caught on the red crab HUB just last year and many in the double digits. Not to mention the bass, rockfish and yellowtail love them too! We made the Red Crab HUB the exact color tones as the real thing and the natural gliding action of the baits mimics the glide of a red crab perfectly. Add some crustacean Mermaids Milk in to the bait and it's a sure thing. Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

11 01, 2019

Doin’ Our Thing off Point Loma

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  Out doing our thing on the saltwater bass. Consistent bite all day off Point Loma. Red crab are here and the red crab Hookup Baits get 'em better then anything you can use when they are around. The sardine and chovy hub's were also productive. Big swell but otherwise good day of fishing with good friends. #hookupbaits #mermaidsmilk #shimanofishing #keywestboats #saltwaterbass     Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

5 01, 2019

Christmas Wish Comes True for the Robeson Boys

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So when the Robeson boys put fishing with Chad on their Christmas list you gotta make it happen! Despite the bad weather, we fished from sun up to sundown and had constant action the whole time. Nice job out there boys. #hookupbaits #mermaidsmilk Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

1 01, 2019

First Fishin’ Trip of the New Year!

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Great way to start off the new year! Got out with Jojo and Frank. Was a bit windy and cold, but the fishing is always hot when using strictly Hookup Baits. There are tons of anchovies out there right now and the bass are going nuts on 'em. The bass fishing is as good now as it's been all year! Get out there and fish in 2019. Happy new years from all of us at Hookup Baits. 🎉🎣#hookupbaits #mermaidsmilk #shimanofishing #keywestboats Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

29 12, 2018

There is No Off Season in SoCal

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Fished Point Loma for a few hours yesterday evening. Despite rough conditions we got some. There really is no off season here in SoCal. This is actually my favorite time of the year to target bass and to find new spots. You can never have enough spots. The lobster guys mark every hard bottom spot for you this time of year. Lobster and bass live in the same neighborhoods, so get out there and learn your electronics better and take a look at these spots. Then drop a Hookup Bait down to them and more then likely you will bring up a bass. #hookupbaits #mermaidsmilk #neverstoplearning Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

28 12, 2018

Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute Broodstock Program [Photos + Video]

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Hookup Baits as well as other private boats participated in the Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute Broodstock Program Thursday and Friday this week. Our goal was to collect Halibut for their program. The goal was to catch 20 male halibut of legal size. The grand total from the two days was: Males - 4 Females - 5 Unknown - 5 - A gonad sample was unable to be attained from these fish, we will try again in a few months! Total - 14!! All the fish are doing well in the tank after handling. Thanks, Chris Arechaederra, for the awesome recap video (below)! Photos Enjoy a few select photos below. View entire gallery here, thanks to CCA Cal! Video

17 12, 2018

Saturdays are for the Girls…and Fishin’! [Video]

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What a great video and sweet girls! We love that they are out catching fish and love the Hookup Baits. Chad picked out some great things and sent the girls over a package full of fun HUB surprises. Check out the video to see what they got and watch how excited they are! #hookupbaits #groms #supportouryouth Most of all...thank you for all of your support and business.

15 12, 2018

Trout Fishing at Lake Jennings

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Recently we made an appearance at the beautiful Lake Jennings. Trout season is in full affect. Check out these photos and see why we like Lake Jennings for trout fishing! Lake Jennings Offerings Open Daily: December 21st - January 6th. Hours of Operation: 6am - 5pm Free Boat Launch: December 27th & January 3rd, Bring your own boat and the $8 fee will be waived. Rental Boats: First come, first serve. Choose from motorboats, rowboats, kayaks, and paddle boats for rent. Camping reservations available!! Learn more about Lake Jennings.

10 12, 2018

Double Rig Fishing on the Islands

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My old friend Ron been asking me to take him out fishing and the planets finally aligned today. Took him and his fishin bud out to the islands. Had good action all day, only kept a few. The double rig was on fire. #hookupbaits #mermaidsmilk #shimanofishing #keywestboats Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

9 12, 2018

2018 Toys 4 Tots Tournament in SD Back Bay

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  Had the pleasure of fishing the SoCal Kayak Anglers, Toys 4 Tots Kayak Tournament in SD Back Bay yesterday with the some of the HUB crew. They did a great job with the tournament with a great cause. Had a great turn out also with around 68 kayak anglers that showed up! It's always tough getting sizable fish in the back bay, but I was able to piece together 3 decent ones good enough for 2nd place. Frank got 11th and the boys ended up placing in the top half. Most importantly we had an awesome time on the water and supported a good cause. Big congrats to Durin Chang on his impressive first place finish. This guy is always near the top on all the kayak tournaments. Way to slay bro. Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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