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Fall & Winter Fishing with Hookup Baits 2021

Trout is the game with the cooler months here in Southern California. Make sure you have the most effective trout bait ever made with you when you go: The 1/32 & 1/16 Hookup Baits But truly most fish can still be caught all throughout winter. We will break it down for you and recommend the best baits for what you’re going after. Stocked trout The 1/32 & 1/16 are the only sizes you need. All colors we make work however favorites are the legendary Black Gold, Yellow White, Pink Silver, Brown Gold & the new Chub. Make sure to be fishing these with a light trout setup with a 6 lb or less line. Check out our instructional videos on our website at and YouTube channel labeled Trout Retrieve. Pyramid Lake, Nevada This place is legendary for cutthroat trout fishing. Last year the Hookup Baits team and customers took [...]

What Hookup Baits is best for Albacore?

With the Tuna near by, we are getting photos from customers that are having great success using the Hookup Baits! Congratulations to all on your PB's! We love seeing memories being made using the Hookup Baits! We recommend the Big Game 1.5 oz the following colors:  Purple Silver and Chovy. Also effective is the Bullet 1.0 oz. in Purple Silver, Chovy and the Sexy Smelt Limited Edition (limited release starts June 1st!). Sexy Smelt Limited Release will be available in the Large 5/8 oz., Big Game 1.5 oz. and Bullet 1 oz. sizes. You can order it online here.  

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