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This is Chad’s Fishing Blog page! Here you will see news, announcements, testimonials, and any relevant tidbits from Hookup Baits.

Tuna Galore! Easy Limit Day on Hookup Baits

Tuna Galore!! Took a trip yesterday on Jim Gharib's awesome boat out to the tuna grounds. We found the tuna on a paddy. 3 young men and 3 old farts on board and had US limits. It went wide open on the live bait but Frank Santiago and I stayed true to the Hookup baits and we got our share. The tuna were definitely keyed in on the live with light line and small hooks tho. It was so easy I even used a trout rod to capture a tuna😎 #dontblinkonthesink This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

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Private Charter for “No Live Bait”, Hookup Baits Only

Last Saturday we put together a all Hookup Baits charter with Sea Star Sportfishing in Oceanside. About a year ago Captain Joe was the first boat owner/ capt. to carry Hookup Baits on board for his private charters to use and with great success. So he offered us a deal on this charter with his reorder of baits and we threw together a group of Hookup Baits supporters and went out and had a great time. Without a single peace of live bait on the boat we caught a good amount of calico and sand bass with a few that were legal. A bunch short white sea bass these little guys were all over the jigs. A few bonita, 1 nice sheephead, and hooked 2 big yellowtail one coming off after a few head shakes and the other we had to chase down and was eventually lost in the kelp. Jojo and I want to thank all that came out and shared this day with us. You guys are awesome. Capt. Joe has offered me a few more trips like this to teach and fish with Hookup Baits supporters. If we have enough interest we will put more together. Thanks! [...]

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Hookup Baits WINs Saltwater Bass Series (SBS) Championship

So our first year of tournament fishing comes to a end with a big win. Al and I put together a game plan and stuck to it. The Hookup Baits did their job and we came out with the win with a 4lb lead. The SBS Championship tournament was a 2 day tournament. Day one was spotted bay bass only. We took 2nd place by only a 2/10 of an ounce difference. Day 2 was calico, sand bass and spotted bay bass. We were able to put a limit of sand bass together in the first couple hours of fishing that did the job for us. Taking first place on day 2 and the overall win. We were also rewarded anglers of the year for finishing the whole season with the highest points. We would like to thank first and foremost Gerry Mahieu for putting this great series together. Awesome job brother. Also Freedom Boat Club San Diego and Huntington Beach for supplying us the boats to fish this season. Dave Bruce for supplying the boat for the championship. Jojo my girl for basically managing Team Hookup Baits. Sergio Fainsztein of Anglers chronicles for his support. Ben Secrest of Accurate [...]

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Utah River Fishing with Hookup Baits (Video)

This video not only captures the absolute beauty of Utah, it also captures a bunch of brown river trout lovin’ on some Hookup Baits. Thanks to Cameron Jonas for the video (Part 2 coming soon) This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

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HUGE Day Off of San Diego Coast

Another great day with the boys and newcomer Daniel Bittner. Lots of pb's broken today. Ben Tello got his pb white sea bass at 40lbs and pb yellowtail at 32lbs, Tim Garner got his pb yellowtail twice at 27 and 28 lbs. (These weights are from a digital scale taken on the dock) Daniel got his pb calico, and pb on #'s caught. Plus his first white sea bass. The white sea bass was caught at point Loma with a 1oz chovy Hookup Bait. First thing in the morning along with some calicos. We then went to La Jolla for more calicos and bonita. But the action wasn't what i was looking for so i continued up the coast. Found some bait up hi straight out from Del Mar and it was game on the rest of the day. Thats where the 3 yellows came from. All 3 were on the 5/8 hookup Baits in glow green and sardine green. They were wanting the smaller baits. The calico bite there was also on fire. Many quality bass and alot of short white sea bass mixed in also. Seriously guy's live bait is not needed when you have Hookup Baits. [...]

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Hookup Baits Serves Back to Our Military with Fishing Trip

Hello WOW Volunteers, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help on the WOW trip on Friday night!  Unfortunately the fishing was off but all of you helped to make it a really fun trip for them.... and the burgers!  Ha -Debbie  If you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page. This was part of our Gives Back pledge.

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Island Fishing Tackle in Orange County Now Carrying Hookup Baits

We are happy to announce by very popular demand there is now a shop in Orange /La County with the Hookup Baits. Go get guy's. This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

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