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Hookup Baits is the designer and manufacturer of the Original Hookup Baits jigs in San Diego, CA. Hookup Baits are unlike any jig on the market by utilizing shape, color and action which significantly increases the number of bites and fish caught. Hookup Baits, Inc. has a Design Patent #D822147 and other patent applications pending for their unique designs. Learn more and purchase your Hookup Baits at https://www.HookupBaits.com
2 09, 2019

Labor Day Sale

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It's Labor Day! We hope you are able to honor this Labor Day with your family, friends and loved ones! We are truly thankful for all of the people who have worked hard to make this country the best country in the world! For your loyalty to the hard working Hookup Baits family, we'd love for you to SAVE a little money while you shop on Monday by offering: 15% off of EVERYTHING in the store. plus, spend over $50 and get: FREE SHIPPING When checking out, use the discount code: LABOR19 Special offer is valid between 12:01am -11:59pm, Monday 09/02/19 Shop Online & Save!

30 08, 2019

Labor Day Sale is Coming Soon!

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Time to Prep for HUB's Labor Day Sale! You heard right! This year we're doing another awesome sale just for you. The discount code will be released Sunday at Midnight on the website and on our social media platforms. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the code ASAP! This means you can load up your cart now, and all you have to do is enter the code for the discount on Monday! Easy! Here's what you have to look forward to: 15% off of EVERYTHING in the store Plus, spend over $50 and get: FREE SHIPPING Special offer is valid between 12:01am -11:59pm, Monday 09/02/19 Shop Online & Save!

28 08, 2019

HUB Ambassador Highlight – Cash Troop

2019-08-28T11:01:28-07:00August 28th, 2019|HUB4Groms, News & Announcements, Newsletter|1 Comment

How He Got Started Cash was introduced to fishing at approximately age 5 when I took him to a local Carlsbad pond to catch some blue gill. I handed him my bass rod with a Texas rigged plastic worm on it and asked him to hold it while I baited up a live worm on a small hook for a blue gill. Before I could finish setting up his pole he yelled “I got one!”, and proceeded to reel in a large mouth bass. I knew at this point he had the touch or just some really good luck. We didn’t start fishing regularly until he was about 9 years old. I have always encouraged Cash to do what he loves to do. I have tried really hard not to shoe horn him into my interests or push him to do sports or activities that he didn’t want to. We had been on a bike riding tear for some time and we hit just about every skate park and bike track I knew of. One Saturday instead of taking off on another bike adventure I asked Cash if he could choose anything he wanted to do that day, what would it be? He said he wanted to go fishing. This lead us to yet another local blue gill spot where he proceeded to catch about 30 blue gill! He was so stoked on fishing that he continues to ask to go fishing. After catching countless blue gill he said he wanted [...]

18 08, 2019

August Grom of the Month – Recap

2019-08-22T12:53:44-07:00August 18th, 2019|Grom of the Month, News & Announcements, Newsletter|0 Comments

Good times fishin' with August Grom of the month, Wyatt, last Friday. Everyone was out chasing tuna and we had the whole coast to ourselves with great weather and great fishing. Lots of quality bass came aboard for this kid along with some other critters. The stoke was real. Congrats Wyatt on all your PB's. Wyatt said, "This was the best day of my life!" and that's what it's all about. Take a kid fishing. You won't regret it. Thanks for the gear from Grom of the Month sponsors Fishworks Clothing, Angler Clothing Company, and Fishgroms. Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page! Grom Sponsors

15 08, 2019

Fishin’ HUBs + Replacement Bodies by Tom & Cash Troop [VIDEO]

2019-08-23T13:46:30-07:00August 15th, 2019|Newsletter, Videos, Your Hookups|0 Comments

Thank you to Tom & Cash Troop for a sneak peak into an afternoon fishin' on the Hookup Baits. Also a look at the new Replacement Bodies! All fish in these videos and photos were caught on the sardine green replacement bodies on 1/4 oz jig heads in SD Bay. Mostly with crustacean scented Mermaid’s Milk. We did use some of the Fin Bait scented Mermaid’s milk as well. Cash caught the Spottie in the night photo on a 5/8 oz sardine original HUB jig. Some of the bigger spotties were over 16”. We love our HUBs! Photos Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELBQdI3_Vbo&feature=youtu.be To purchase the replacement bodies used in this video to catch some amazing fish, click here!

15 08, 2019

Glow Green and Mint HUB Catch White Sea Bass

2019-08-22T09:36:42-07:00August 15th, 2019|Newsletter, Testimonials|0 Comments

Thank you, Bill Gehring, for this awesome photo. We appreciate your support! This the second White Sea Bass I have caught on a Hookup Bait. The first being 37 lbs on a glow green 1 ½ oz this one - a 43.6 lbs - on a mint color! They do work. Picked up another white sea bass today. It was a baby, only 40 lbs also on a mint color 1 ½!

5 08, 2019

New Retail Location – Fisherman’s Supplies in Lawndale, CA

2019-08-05T12:54:53-07:00August 5th, 2019|News & Announcements, Newsletter, Retail Location|0 Comments

Hookup Baits will now be sold in Lawndale at Fisherman's Supplies. This shop will be yet another one of our preferred partner stores, so make sure to check them out for the newest Hookup Bait products. Head over to their Facebook for more updates and info! Shop info: 4125 Redondo Beach Blvd Lawndale, California 90260 310-542-0997 Click the button below for other retail locations. Where to Buy!

31 07, 2019

Chad Gierlich Receives IGFA Certificate of Appreciation

2019-08-01T07:05:48-07:00July 31st, 2019|News & Announcements, Newsletter|1 Comment

Press Release originally released on June 30, 2019 by John Campbell - IGFA Rep for CA Mr. Nehl Horton, President of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), is recognizing Chad Gierlich of San Diego and owner of Hookup Baits. In recognition of his extraordinary efforts in educating the next generation of ethical anglers and for his continued support of the IGFA’s mission and vision. This Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Chad on July 3, 2019 at the San Diego Anglers meeting at the Bahia Hotel by John Campbell, IGFA Representative in California.

31 07, 2019

Grom of the Month – August Winner!

2019-07-31T14:32:41-07:00July 31st, 2019|Grom of the Month, HUB4Groms, Newsletter|0 Comments

Congrats to Wyatt for being the August's Grom of the Month! We're excited to take Wyatt out on his first adventure with Hookup Baits! Let's go fishin'!! Now the Groms that were not chosen, your name stays in the bucket and if you post again this month you will be added to the bucket again. This means you will now have your name in the bucket 2 times and so on every month you don't get picked. We were so stoked to see so many more Groms in the bucket for this month. We love seeing all boys and girls out there fishing. Keep it up and good luck to all the Groms for the next month!!! Grom Sponsors

25 07, 2019

New Retail Location – Virg’s Landing in Morro Bay, CA

2019-07-25T10:41:47-07:00July 25th, 2019|News & Announcements, Newsletter, Retail Location|1 Comment

Hooray for another retail location in Morro Bay! Hookup Baits will now be sold in the Morro Bay area of San Luis Obispo County at Virg's Landing. This shop will be yet another one of our preferred partner stores, so make sure to check them out for the newest Hookup Bait products. Head over to their Facebook for more updates and info! Shop info: 1169 Market Ave. Morro Bay, CA 93442 (805) 772-1222 Click the button below for other retail locations. Where to Buy!