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Hookup Baits is the designer and manufacturer of the Original Hookup Baits jigs in San Diego, CA. Hookup Baits are unlike any jig on the market by utilizing shape, color and action which significantly increases the number of bites and fish caught. Hookup Baits has U.S. Design Patents #D822,147 & #D851,724 and Utility Patent #10,219,496 for their unique designs. Purchase your Hookup Baits right here on our website at https://www.hookupbaits.com/shop

The most exciting thing I have done in years!

Another great testimonial! "I signed up for a typical rockfish outing with Capt Kyle Dyerly on the Phenix out of Patriot Sportfishing Avila, CA. I learned about Hookup Baits from Capt Kyle on a previous trip with him and was anxious to test them out. Sure enough, as expected landed some very nice Brown and Red Rockfish. As the day was winding down and we were heading back to the pier, Capt Kyle had warned us to keep our heavy rigs available "just in case". He found a school of White Sea Bass and the game was on! It was wide open! Within 30 minutes we must have landed 20 or more of these awesome fighters. I am most happy to say, I landed 3 of these guys using my light rig, a Daiwa Lexa HD 300 with 30# braid with a short 25# flouro leader using a 1.5-ounce Chovy. This is the most exciting thing I have done in years and I give all the credit to Captain Kyle and Hookup Baits for making this happen. Thanks for a great product!" Rich Kebo

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New Jig Color – Chub!

Over the past year fishing many lakes in California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Oregon for trout, we noticed that the main forage fish for big native trout is the Chub. So, Chad went back to designing and testing a bait that matches these fish. The action of the patented design is always a winner for all fish in freshwater or saltwater, so the design of the bait remains the same. However, by testing different shades of color on a pearl body looking to match the look of small Chubs, Chad came up with one that proved repeatedly to be a winner in catching many big rainbows, cutthroat, and brown trout. It has been also very effective on freshwater bass, saltwater spotted bay bass, and halibut. July 15, 2021 Chub release will include the 1/32 thru 1/4 oz baits in scented and unscented. This color will be part of the standard product line available for retail partners and online store. The upcoming release of the 3/8 thru 1.5 oz baits is coming soon.

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New Release Coming Soon – July 15, 2021

Get ready for another new release from Hookup Baits coming soon. We have been testing this bait for over the past year and it is another winner! We will release the bait in 1/32 - 1/4 oz sizes in scented and unscented baits. The later launch will include all of the sizes and this will be a bait that will be added to the standard product line. Get ready to see some posts and get ready to order as soon as it is released! You are going to want this new bait!!

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Day of Fishing with Dave and Nancy on the HUB Boat

Each year Dave and Nancy Marciano from the Wicked Tuna Show come out for the annual Tuna Wars held here in San Diego. A few days before the event we always have the pleasure of having them on the Hookup Baits boat for some great fishing, lots of laughs, and catching up with old friends. Tuna Wars dinner and auction were held on 6/27/21 and were very successful in raising funds for Captain Rollo's kids fishing program. Hookup Baits proudly provided a tackle box full of baits valued at over $300 to support the event. Norm Campbell was the lucky winner of the Hookup Baits tackle box! Congratulations to a successful event and Norm!! Always great to see the fishing community come together to raise funds for our young anglers!

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Supporting Local Charity – A Day of Fishing on the HUB Boat

The Nice Guys is a local charity that provides support to the San Diegans "a hand-up not a hand-out" with NO overhead expenses. Every penny raised goes to those with unforeseen short-term financial needs, to get them back on their feet. Each year Hookup Baits offers a day of fishing on the HUB boat to raise money for this great charity. This year we are proud of the many bidders and were able to raise $2400 for the Nice Guys! Tony Perez, of Operation Game On, who is the founder and owner of the non-profit helps vets thru the game of golf. Tony was the highest bidder of the evening and plans on using the day on the boat to take vets out fishing. Watch Video from Facebook 

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Hookup Baits Team Takes Cedros!

Thanks to Cedros Sportfishing for a great trip!! Such an epic trip with Cedros Island Fishing Charters!! Great accommodations, crew, food, pangas, kayaks, host, and fishing. HUB Team (Wayne, Jeff, Cameron, Ronnie, and Ryan) headed down for a week of fishing with owner Jeff Mariani. Caught lots of Yellowtail, Calico Bass, and Sheephead on the trip. See our social media post for more details. Thank you to Jeff and his team for making it such an amazing trip...so much so that we already booked our next trip with the team in November 2022! Highly recommend this group! Jeff also owns the local tackle shop and the first shipment of baits went down this week to put in the shop. Thank you!!

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Tim Garner Helps Newly Weds Catch Their First Tuna on the Sexy Smelt

Tim had a great day of fishing on the Liberty out of San Diego with Captain Taro. He reported back to the great Captain and boat that put everyone on fish. Tim, who has been a longtime friend and Ambassador of Hookup Baits, met a couple on the trip that had been married for 5 days. They had never caught a Tuna before, so Tim put a 1.5 Sexy Smelt on his line to help them pull in their first-ever Tuna together. Took them over an hour but it was well worth it to see the smiles on their faces. Thanks, Tim, for always sharing your Hookup Baits and helping people learn how to fish the bait to catch their PB! Congratulations to the couple on their big accomplishment together!! Tim also caught Tuna on the trip as well.

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Epic Sheepshead Catch in Santa Cruz!

These photos are amazing! We love when customers have this much fun casting and catching with HUB's! Got a 14.7 sheepshead on my boat using the 1.5 ounch sardine colored hook up bait. Bouncing off the bottom at the kelp line. Backside of Santa Cruz Island just before the gap to Rosa. Took me into the kelp. Strummed the line like a guitar to get him out. Was epic. You guys make an excellent product. Thx. - Robert Markarian

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Limited Edition Sexy Smelt is Back!

Sexy Smelt is back! We are launching June 1st a limited edition of the Sexy Smelt in the Large 5/8 oz, Big Game 1.5 oz, and the NEW 1 oz Bullet sizes! You have seen the post of what customers are catching on the Sexy Smelt, so be sure to get yours while supplies last! Great for Yellow Tail, White Sea Bass, Rockfish, Halibut, and Bass. Sizes: 5/8 oz 1 oz Bullet 1.5 oz Shop New Product Now!

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New Sun Shirts are In!

Just in time for Summer, we're bringing a new design to the Sun Shirt! Not only is this shirt great for staying cool in the warm weather and strong sunlight, it also has a pretty rad new style. Make sure to check them out while supplies last! Sizes: Small - 3XL Shop New Product Now!

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