Thanks, Derek, for sending this over! Originally written by Floating Authority on October 5, 2020.

15 Tips On How To Store A Kayak Properly For Years Of Use

Here is an awesome article that shows you how to take care of your Kayak so that it lasts for years! Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Indoor Or Outdoor Storage?

So the first question you have to ask is Indoor or Outdoor Storage? In an ideal world, you should always choose Indoor Storage if you can because it will keep up the longevity of your kayak and protect it from the elements. We realize that not everyone has that option though. In this guide, we will show you the best solutions for most types of kayaks.

Use Indoor Storage If:

  • You have room in the garage for storing your kayak
  • You own an Inflatable Kayak
  • You want Your Kayak to be sheltered from the elements
  • You don’t mind storing your kayak in a renting storage space
  • You are a Do it Yourselfer
  • You don’t mind getting a rack to store your kayak
  • You don’t want to find anything living in your kayak
  • You want to keep your kayak for a long time

Use Outdoor Storage if:

  • You have no Garage
  • If you have a Sheltered Space away from the elements
  • Your kayak is undercover somewhere
  • You Live in a Cooler Winter Climate

How Do You Store A Kayak In The Winter?

The obvious answer here would be to store it indoors where it is protected like a garage. However, if this is not an option for you then it’s a good idea to store it on an outside rack (more on that below) and wrap it with a kayak cover. You can use a tarp as well to wrap around the kayak but they do not give your boat as much protection against the elements. Tarps are also very easy places to get into if you are a critter seeking shelter from the elements.

Kayak Accessories?

Accessories such as PFD’s, Paddles, Skirts, seats, and various other kayak equipment should be stored indoors or at the very least in a dry space such as a garage. Kayak Hatch covers should also be taken off so that the hatch has a chance to dry out.

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