Frank Santiago, of the Hookup Baits Team, joined the San Diego Anglers and Pro Kids for a day of fishing. Frank hooked, handed fish all day long, taught kids how to fish with the Hookup Baits, and had a great time with all of the smiles and being the popular guy on the boat with all of the Hookup Baits and fish caught. Thank you, Frank, for representing us on this special day of giving back to the community.

Email from the Parents

The fishing excursion will go down in history as one of Evan and Destiny’s best memories. Ever since discovering fishing in the spring at a church event for kids with special needs, Evan (in particular), asked to go fishing almost all the time. We went to the Imperial Beach pier and to Chollas Lake for hours without catching a fish. Somewhere along the way, a fisherman said we needed to go deeper in the ocean.

The kids could not have asked for a more perfect day to do just that than when they went with Pro Kids. I remain blown away by the generosity of the crew in terms of their time, their preparation, and their full engagement with the kids the whole boatride. Not only did they encourage the kids and help them catch lots of fish, they really seemed to enjoy spending time with them and teaching them a passion of theirs. The fact that the kids got to keep their fish and have it filleted on the boat was an extra bonus as well as the complimentary vending arrangement and the impressive gifts at the end. I enjoyed watching the kids experience such a magical moment (even if it meant hearing more “Can we go fishing?” remarks on speed dial since). Thank you for letting us know about this opportunity.

San Diego Angler’s Newsletter

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