March is always a time to gather at Fred Hall Show in Long Beach to introduce new products, see old friends and be face to face with our customers. Due to COVID, the show was not open however we launched a new product every week of March in lieu of Fred Hall.

  • Small Replacement bodies were introduced in selected colors (Yellow White, Black Gold and Pink Silver).
  • Mermaids Milk Crawfish has been on fire in the 2 oz. Now released in the 2 and 4 oz sizes. Though it was designed for Freshwater fishing we have found it very effective for saltwater fishing as well.
  • Sexy Smelt Limited Edition 1.5 oz was brought back, and we sold out quickly! Will let you know if we bring the bait back in the future.
  • New 1/4 oz. available in unscented baits! Unscented baits available in selected sizes and colors.
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