We were very fortunate to have our Hookup Baits CFO make the top finalist of the San Diego Business Journal Top CFO of the Year!

Not only is Jojo part-owner of Hookup Baits she is our CFO that wears many hats in the company. She is the one that believed in Chad when one night over dinner he told her in the early months of dating, “that he had an idea of how to make a bait that would change how people fish”. When she asked if he had ever made such a bait his response was “no” but it was the confidence in his voice that she knew they had to try. Three months of being in design mode, Chad created the first Hookup Baits, and this fall we will celebrate our 6th year in business! As one of the finalists, Jojo shared what an honor it was to be among such amazing CFO’s in San Diego as she proudly wore her Hookup Baits apparel during the final interview.

Congratulations to Jojo for being named one of the CFO finalists!