Have You Gotten Your Free Replacement Body?

We are having such beautiful weather these days and with the Rock Fishing opening, we see a lot of our XL baits heading out the door. Because of their effectiveness, we went back to the drawing board to retool and launched a teaser in March. It was a big success, so we are going to make it standard moving forward for the 3, 4 and 6 oz. Buy a 3, 4, or 6 oz XL bait and get a free Replacement Body of the same color for the same price!!! See our instructional video of how to use the replacement bodies. We will continue to offer just the replacement bodies for the 3 and 4 oz. in Red Crab, Sardine Green, and Mint. All product orders of $25 or more will receive free shipping. USPS will be used to ship these orders. We have also added additional shipping options if you need your baits quickly. There is an upcharge for these services from USPS and Fed Ex. Hookup Baits in the Kitchen We know the baits work in catching fish. Now we want to put together some of your favorite recipes for cooking fish, side dishes, desserts, and appetizers. Please send to us HERE as we are putting together a HUB Cookbook. The proceeds of the cookbook will go to a local GROM or charity. HUB Apparel Be sure to check out our apparel with some great Spring/Summer pricing and some new things to be added soon like Sunshirts!!! You [...]

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Spring & Summer Fishing with Hookup Baits 2021

Saltwater Bass Fishing Inshore and Islands-Calicos and Sand Bass. Some bass start moving off the deep-water structure and back to the kelp lines. Others stay on the deep structure year-round. The baits work well for both. If fishing kelp use 25lb or heavier. You should be able to rip the bait free of the kelp most of the time. Cast along the kelp lying down not across it and the glide action of the baits gets nailed as it glides down. 5/8 and 1 oz. Big Game is what you want. For deep structure, the double rig is king!! Use the #4 & #2 size, 3-way swivels that we carry on the site for best results.  All colors in 5/8, 1 & 1.5 oz. Yellowtail Fishing Yellowtail absolutely love HUB'S! Just as much as any other fish does. The baits are effective and very versatile. FOR ALL TYPES OF YELLOWTAIL FISHING. For the yellowtail-Surface, deep yoyo, trolling and kelp paddy fishing.  Use either the 1 oz. Bullet's or the 1.5 oz. Big Game in Mint, Sardine Green, Chovy and Red Crab are popular colors. The Limited-Edition Sexy Smelt 1.5 oz. was designed with Yellowtail fishing in mind so be sure to get these while supply last. White Seabass In spring Channel Islands WSB bite starts. One of the most popular baits used there for WSB is the 5/8 oz. Red Crab and Mint. The WSB special bait was specifically tested and designed to handle these big fish. The WSB Special [...]

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Hookup Baits Made a Huge Difference!

"We chartered the fishing vessel, Phenix, out of Patriot Sportfishing for our first trip of the 2021 season. A group of 16 of us headed out to Point Purisma where we were told nobody had gone yet. We started out trying everything from irons to squid without a lot of luck. Our luck changed when we started using 2 of the 1.5 ounce hookup baits in various colors. As soon as we all started using them, we were on fish pretty consistent on a slow retrieve off the bottom to 10 cranks up. The hookup baits made the difference between us just catching a few fish to filling our bags. Thanks for the great baits!" - Greg Coontz

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We’re Catching Big Redfish in Florida!

We really enjoy getting these testimonials sent in from our loyal customers. Especially when they live in different states! Hookup baits absolutely do catch big Redfish in Panama City, Florida. Here's my nephew, Rhett, with a beautiful 16 pounder. We caught plenty more as well on the HUB up to 19 pounds! - Proud Uncle

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New Retail Location – Mark Fore and Strike Sporting Goods in Reno, NV!

Hookup Baits will now be sold in Reno, NV at Mark Fore and Strike Sporting Goods! This shop will be yet another one of our retail stores, but this time we're branching out into neighboring states! Make sure to check them out for the newest Hookup Bait products. Head over to their Facebook for more updates and info! Shop info: Mark Fore and Strike Sporting Goods 490 Kietzke Lane Reno, NV 89502 (775) 322-9559 Click the button below for other retail locations. Where to Buy!

Hookup Baits CFO a finalist for the SD Business Journal Top CFO of the Year!

We were very fortunate to have our Hookup Baits CFO make the top finalist of the San Diego Business Journal Top CFO of the Year! Not only is Jojo part-owner of Hookup Baits she is our CFO that wears many hats in the company. She is the one that believed in Chad when one night over dinner he told her in the early months of dating, "that he had an idea of how to make a bait that would change how people fish". When she asked if he had ever made such a bait his response was "no" but it was the confidence in his voice that she knew they had to try. Three months of being in design mode, Chad created the first Hookup Baits, and this fall we will celebrate our 6th year in business! As one of the finalists, Jojo shared what an honor it was to be among such amazing CFO's in San Diego as she proudly wore her Hookup Baits apparel during the final interview. Congratulations to Jojo for being named one of the CFO finalists! 

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March Madness

March is always a time to gather at Fred Hall Show in Long Beach to introduce new products, see old friends and be face to face with our customers. Due to COVID, the show was not open however we launched a new product every week of March in lieu of Fred Hall. Small Replacement bodies were introduced in selected colors (Yellow White, Black Gold and Pink Silver). Mermaids Milk Crawfish has been on fire in the 2 oz. Now released in the 2 and 4 oz sizes. Though it was designed for Freshwater fishing we have found it very effective for saltwater fishing as well. Sexy Smelt Limited Edition 1.5 oz was brought back, and we sold out quickly! Will let you know if we bring the bait back in the future. New 1/4 oz. available in unscented baits! Unscented baits available in selected sizes and colors. Shop Now!

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