Trout Fishing

Local Trout season starts for many of the lakes stocking trout from the end of October to April. Our recommended set up is: 6 ½ to 7 ½ ft rod Ultralight, 500 or 1000 size Spinning reel with 2 or 4 lb. mono or even better 4 to 8 lb. braid with 4 or 6 lb. Fluoro leader.

Straight tie 1/32 or 1/16 oz Hookup Bait. Popular colors are: Black Gold, Brown Gold, Yellow White, Shad White, Red Crab however all the colors work.

Add Mermaids Milk Garlic or Crawfish scent for more effectiveness. Scent available in 2 and 4 oz. sizes.

Check out our updated instructional videos on our website and YouTube page.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is popular for winter fishing. Hookup Baits are becoming more and more popular in these areas. The action of the bait while it falls and how the bait sits in the water when fished vertically as well as the profile of the bait makes it very appealing for this type of fishing.

Add Mermaids Milk Garlic or Crawfish scent for more effectiveness. Scent available in 2 and 4 oz. sizes.

Fresh Water Bass Fishing

Hookup Baits is highly effective on winter bass fished low and slow on deep structure and points where bass hunker down with cold weather.

1/8 – 3/8 oz. size Shad White, Chovy, Sardine Green, Purple Silver, Brown Gold are popular colors. Pair up with Mermaids Milk Crawfish scent.

Bay Fishing

Spotted Bay Bass and Halibut bite in all of the bays year-round. Use the ¼ oz. for Spotted Bay Bass and 3/8 oz. for Halibut. Suggested colors are Red Crab, Chovy, Mint, Sardine Green, and Brown Gold. Pair with Mermaids Milk Crustacean or Fin Bait.

Surf Fishing

Surf Perch, Corvina, and Halibut can be caught in lots of locations throughout CA. Using a light set up as used in trout fishing throwing a 1/16 or 1/8 oz is successful. For Surf Perch and Corvina, we recommend using Chovy, Mint, and Orange Gold. For the Halibut, we recommend using the ¼ or 3/8 oz.  Mint, Shad White, and Brown Gold. Pair up with Mermaids Milk Crustacean or Fin Bait.

Local inshore and Island Fishing

Calico Bass and Sand Bass bite year-round. You can find many smooth days on the ocean late fall thru winter. Look for bass on structure spots and check out our instructional videos on saltwater bass fishing for additional assistance.

We recommend using the Big Game Hookup Baits in 1, 1.5, and 3 oz. sizes with our popular colors of Sardine Green, Red Crab, Mint, and Chovy however all colors have their place. Pair with Mermaids Milk Crustacean or Fin Bait.

Don’t’ be surprised when you get a by catch which could be a big WSB, Lingcod, YT, or Halibut!

Rock Fishing

Rock fishing is open till the end of December. Nothing is more productive on Rock Fish 250 ft. deep or less than the double rigged Hookup Baits! Use the Owner 3-way swivel (#2) with (2) 1 or 1.5 oz. depending on the current and drift use a Big Game or Bullet. This is highly effective on all rockfish species. Add Mermaids Milk flavors will help the bites.

Set up for Rock Fishing

You can also double rig a 3, 4, or 6 oz XL with a 1 or 1.5 oz. Big Game or Bullet to increase your chances of a big Lingcod. Suggested colors are Red Crab, Mint, Sardine Green, Glow Green, Purple Silver are all great colors to use. Recommend using two different colors with using the double rig to be most effective.

Recommended Rock Fish set up is Medium/Heavyweight set up that would be used in inshore fishing with a spinning or casting reel, 30-50 lb. braid with 20-40 lb. leader with FG knot recommended for the splice.  (2) 20-40 lb. leaders coming off the Owner 3-way swivel. Leaders should be two different lengths at 2 ½ and 2 ft. in length.

Tie a 1 or 1.5 oz Big Game or Bullet to leaders. If you are looking to catch Lingcod, use the same setup but nothing less than 40 lb. leader to XL bait. Still use 25 lb. with other leaders to 1 or 1.5 bait.

If you can cast your set up, cast down drift, and work bait until the bait is straight up and down. Then reel in and recast. If you cannot cast simply dropping the baits right next to the boat, straight up and down on the updrift side is effective. Watch your line to see when the bait hits the bottom then slowly let out the line to keep the baits near the bottom.

Always listen to the advice given from fellow fisherman using the Hookup Baits effectively, our HUB Team, or members on the boat that are familiar with the effectiveness of the baits. A good fisherman is always looking to improve himself and be the best at the sport he can be!

List of things not to do when Rock Fishing

  1. Do not tie baits directly to the braided line. Always use a leader-Fluoro or Mono line.
  2. Do not use a swivel or clip to connect to the bait. Do not put a piece of squid or any bait with the Hookup Baits.
  3. Do not fish with line under the boat.
  4. Do not make leaders on double rig the same length.
  5. Do not add any extra weight to the setup unless absolutely needed at 200 feet plus.
  6. Do not be a negative fisherman. Positive fishermen always catch more fish.
  7. You may catch fish on copycat baits, but they WILL NOT be as effective as the original Hookup Baits. We have spent years developing and patenting the baits to be sure that we are providing you with baits that are effective and proven. We pride ourselves on how much testing and development is put into each bait by our HUB team.

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