Save the Date – HUB is Having Cyber Monday on December 14th!

Get ready for Hookup Baits' version of Cyber Monday. Coming to you on Monday, December 14th, we'll be offering 15% off the entire store Free shipping Free gift - with purchase of $100 or more Get ready and find your favorites now!

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Winter Fishing with Hookup Baits 2020

Trout Fishing Local Trout season starts for many of the lakes stocking trout from the end of October to April. Our recommended set up is: 6 ½ to 7 ½ ft rod Ultralight, 500 or 1000 size Spinning reel with 2 or 4 lb. mono or even better 4 to 8 lb. braid with 4 or 6 lb. Fluoro leader. Straight tie 1/32 or 1/16 oz Hookup Bait. Popular colors are: Black Gold, Brown Gold, Yellow White, Shad White, Red Crab however all the colors work. Add Mermaids Milk Garlic or Crawfish scent for more effectiveness. Scent available in 2 and 4 oz. sizes. Check out our updated instructional videos on our website and YouTube page. Ice Fishing Ice fishing is popular for winter fishing. Hookup Baits are becoming more and more popular in these areas. The action of the bait while it falls and how the bait sits in the water when fished vertically as well as the profile of the bait makes it very appealing for this type of fishing. Add Mermaids Milk Garlic or Crawfish scent for more effectiveness. Scent available in 2 and 4 oz. sizes. Fresh Water Bass Fishing Hookup Baits is highly effective on winter bass fished low and slow on deep structure and points where bass hunker down with cold weather. 1/8 – 3/8 oz. size Shad White, Chovy, Sardine Green, Purple Silver, Brown Gold are popular colors. Pair up with Mermaids Milk Crawfish scent. Bay Fishing Spotted Bay Bass and Halibut bite [...]

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Stay Safe and Rad with HUB’s New Face Masks!

Hookup Baits now offers face mask and for every mask purchased at our online store, we will donate $2.00 towards the Grom of The Month for November and December 2020. Here is how to enter the Grom of the Month program Submit a photo of you and the fish you caught on Hookup Baits tagging Hookup Baits, HUB4Groms and GROMOFTHEMONTH. One photo will enter you into the drawing. Based on how many masks sell that month, you will receive a minimum of one pack of Hookup Baits of your choice or a selection of baits that equal the amount set aside for the monthly drawing. (Example: (20) mask sold in month x $2.00 = $40.00 in Hookup Baits product. The product selected will be based on the favorite color and sizes the GROM likes to fish. Contest open to all GROMS (18 years and younger). HUB Ambassadors can also participate in the contest. Let's protect each other by wearing a mask, support our young fishing community by purchasing the HUB mask, and get kids out there fishing more as they are the future of this great sport. The winner will be drawn on December 1st (for the month of November) and January 1st (for the month of December). If you would like to order a bulk of the mask please email [email protected] Get Your HUB Masks Now! While supplies last!

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