When we get messages like this, we can’t help but be grateful. Thank you so much, Justin, for taking the time to send us this writeup about your trip up north. We’re happy to have been a part of the reason why you all had so much fun!


“I wanted to say thank you again personally and on behalf of all the men at Riverview Church in Bonsall Ca. We are forever grateful to you, Matt, and Chad. The men all got to learn a lot about fishing, we got them on fish, as tough as the eastern Sierra’s are this year, and they all had a blast.


We headed up early to Bishop at 4:30 am. We got to Lone Pine around 10ish and stopped for breakfast and to let everyone else catch up. Then we headed up to Whitney Portal to fish the creek. As expected for the creek, the water was cold, rushing, and about 1 ft deep with some pockets a bit deeper as water rushes off a fall. Everyone was catching trout. I believe they are all stockers coming from Oregon as the euthanization of all the local hatcheries has really impacted Eastern Sierra recreational fishing. Lots of fish caught, but all in the 6” to 8” range. Later that afternoon we checked into our hotel in Bishop and headed over to a nearby spot to fish the Owner River as it heads into Bishop. No luck at that spot. We returned to the hotel, had dinner, and called it a night.


A busy day as we showed these guys how to chase the fish. We start out by awarding some Hookup Baits and then proceeded to head out to Ownes River near Rock Creek. We found some deep pockets 6ft and greater holding fish, Got them on Hookup baits and some dough bait rigs. The group fishing with me caught about 40 fish. Every one of them was in the 6” to 8” range again. Again, I am pretty certain these are all stockers and just what they have available since the local hatcheries have killed off all of the fish due to a virus. For many, this was awesome as they were catching fish for the first time and consistently getting a hookup. Noon we took a break for lunch and headed up to Lake Mary in Mammoth. The lake was extremely crowded and hard to find spots to shore fish due to all the tourists. We only stayed about 45 minutes, and then headed to Rock Creek. We fished a bit in the upper stream again catching a ton of 6” to 8” inch trout. Then I got word Rock Creek Lake just stocked minutes ago, so we were in the right place and headed up to Rock Creek lake to shore fish near the outlet where the stocking occurred. Fish ran deep right away, and without a boat fishing was tough. 6:30 pm we returned back to the hotel and again distributed some prizes to the men and kids for their fishing accomplishments.


We packed up and headed back home to San Diego.

Everyone had a blast. Many of the individuals did not know how to cast a line, tie a rig, read the water, and fish in general. I think I speak for everyone by saying it was an awesome trip for everyone. Sure I would have liked to have my Ranger boat, and been in the middle of deep water chasing trophies, but for everyone else, they were ecstatic to be catching fish. I even held a session teaching them how to clean trout, brought a bulk of the fish home, and smoked them in my pellet grill for everyone to enjoy next Sunday at Church.

I really wish conditions had been a bit different and we could get some trophies, but we certainly made everyone extremely happy just catching, catching, catching. We did the best we could with the circumstances.

We truly appreciate the generosity Chad, Jojo, and Matt.

Justin Powers”