New Scent Now Available – Mermaid’s Milk Crawfish!

For a few years now our original Mermaids Milk Scents have proven to be very effective when added to the Hookup Baits. We have had a lot of request for freshwater scent, so went to work developing and thoroughly testing the product before release. The freshwater bass tournament team we support loved the product! They said it "improved the bites" and found the bass hanging on to the bait longer for a better hookup ratio. Although the scent is developed to be applied inside the hollow section of the Hookup Baits, it is also very effective when added to any bait you choose to throw. It supplies the natural oils of crawfish, the color of a prime crawfish ready to eat, plus a scale trail to entice more feeding reaction. Give it a try as we think you will like it! Thanks for all of your support. Catches with Crawfish Scent Shop New Product Now!

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Angler Came Home Early…Baits Worked TOO Well!

Thanks, Rick Jacoby! Good to hear that our baits continue doing awesome out in Sunnyside, NV! Went up to Sunnyside this past weekend with my fishing buddy, Ross. The fish were so friendly that we burned through our stash of Hookup bait lures (Pink Silver, Black Gold, and Orange Gold) and had to come home early! Needless to say we will be ordering some more. Especially since Lake Mead just reopened for fishing. Buy 1/16 oz HUB jigs here:

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