A Message from HUB During These Uncertain Times: COVID-19

In compliance with the Governor's orders, our shop is temporarily closed during these uncertain times. The good news is we have lots of inventory thanks to our great team at the shop, and our online store is open! We are shipping daily with free shipping on all standard orders! Be sure to check out our NEW RELEASES from the Fred Hall Show that are now offered online. We also have a limited amount and sizes of Sexy Sardine available. Lots to check out so don't miss this opportunity. SHOP NOW!   Our wish for you is for you to be healthy, spend time with your family, make each other laugh a little more, enjoy a little slower pace, and focus on becoming the best person and fisherman you can be! Watch those YouTube videos, and check out our educational videos at www.hookupbaits.com/videos/.

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Catching All The Fish in Idaho!

Thanks for the awesome photos, Pierce Muir from Boise, Idaho! Fishing in Hagerman, they caught a majority of the fish on the brown and gold. They also caught about fifteen (15) on the black and gold! Altogether, over 70 trout were caught! I help the community of fishing by volunteering for the fish and game and picking up trash when I get out there to go fishing. I am one of the best track runners in Boise in the eighth grade, I was fifth in the nation for a relay! I used to hate going fishing because I would never catch anything no matter what I used, but when I used your baits it, felt as if I could actually catch fish! I just want more people to feel the way I did when I used your lures! - Pierce Miur Shop these Products

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Introducing HUB’s 3 New Products!

We now have all the new release baits from Fred Hall Long Beach Show available in our shop! Plus we still have a limited amount of Sexy Sardine Baits. Get them before they are gone!! Check each one out below. ALL STANDARD SHIPPING IS FREE!!! Fun Facts Click on the product you're interested in to learn more about each one...from Chad! WSB Special 5/8 oz. Jig XXL Custom 6 0z. Jig XL Replacement Bodies Shop New Products Now!

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Social Distancing Sale! Save 15%!

We hope you, your families, and colleagues are doing well during these uncertain and unpreceded times! While we have taken measures to protect our team members during the COVID-19 outbreak, we're still making baits and have a decent inventory! And while it's not recommended to hang with large groups, there's something special about fishing alone or with a family member and there are still many places to go fishing. We need more positivity in the world today, so we've created a sale to help bring something positive to your doorstep! Here's the Deal Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS! 15% Off Entire Online Store - use code below! SOCIAL2020 Special offer is valid between Thursday, March 19, 2020 - Midnight on Saturday, March 21, 2020 SHOP NOW! Shop Our New Products!

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RECAP: 2020 Fred Hall Show Was A Success!

Five years down at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show!! This year we did things a little differently. We were proud to partner with Bob Sands Tackle, Performance Tackle, Turners and Ketcham Tackle in having them carry our main products. We want to thank them for all of their support and our customers for their purchases. It was another successful year! Look for our products at the Fred Hall Del Mar show scheduled for May 21-24th. Day of the Docks has been rescheduled to 2021. Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

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