What a great day for a tournament! We are so proud of these tournament winners. Here are the 2019 Tournament standings:

Tournament Standings

Rock and Dock Division


  1. Cash Troop – 40.5
  2. Wyatt Kirkendall – 38.00
  3. Max Sipes – 35.75


  1. Tom Troop – 45.75
  2. Roger Stern – 37.00
  3. No entry/Award of cash and prizes raffled off

Kayak/Float Tube/Paddle Board Division


  1. Jackson Howard – 40.00
  2. Tanner Cummings – 39.25
  3. Devin Tear – 10.25


  1. Danny Jones – 46.25
  2. Dan Corey – 43.00
  3. Darrell Sander – 39.75

Boat Division

  1. Ain’t Got a Clue – 58.75
  2. The Glenn’s – 54.00
  3. Patrick Sommers Team – 53.25

Casting Contest

  1. Brenden Robeson 92 ft

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