Had a full boat for September Grom of the month. Jackson (Grom of the month), his Mom and Dad, and 2 buddies Tanner and Max on the boat for this one. Fished local structure and SD bay. We had a slow pick on the bass most of the day with some amazing catches thrown in. The best was the 35 lb (on the digital scale) yellowtail Jackson reeled in on a 1.5 Sardine Big Game HUB jig. Congrats bud, fish of a life time! 2nd was Tanner using a little setup with 4lb line on it and catching a 7+ lb sand bass (weighed) with a 5/8 Mint HUB. All 3 of these boys are very respectful, polite and have a passion for fishing. Prime examples of Grom of the month. We had a very enjoyable time spending the day fishing with these boys.

Best compliment a man can get:

Mr. Chad today was the best day of my life! Thank you! – Jackson.

Thank you Jackson and congrats again on your home guard yellowtail kid, you deserve it.

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