Last spring while fishing for Yellowtail we had a bite where anything larger than our 4″ baits would not get touched. This also happens often with tuna when they are keyed in on small baits. So for this situation a heavier bait for further cast, faster sink, and a stronger hook to handle big Tuna and Yellowtail needed to be designed. This bait also needed to swim straight with a fast retrieve, and a small profile. With all of this in mind, we took these ideas back to the shop and designed what we now call the HUB Bullet!

The Hookup Baits team put these baits to the test all last summer and they proved to be very effective on everything, especially on fish that chase such as pelagic fish. We had our best summer of Yellowtail fishing ever with limits just about every trip and 3 Yellowtail over 30 lbs…all caught on the HUB Bullet!

Last spring we also experienced the White Sea Bass bite. The Sea Bass were keyed on Red Crab and the HUB Red Crab 5/8 was supreme. The only problem was catching big White Sea Bass on the smaller baits with smaller hooks. Now with the new HUB Bullet, that problem is solved! Same size bait, but stronger Owner Hooks. The HUB Bullet comes in 1 oz (3/0, 3 X Strong Owner Hook) and 1.5 oz. (5/0, 3X Strong Owner Hook) with proven colors of Mint, Sardine Green, Chovy, Purple Silver and Red Crab.

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