Grom of the Month – January Winner!

Congrats to Jack Hebdon for being the the first Grom of the Month of 2019! We're excited to take Jack out on his first adventure with Hookup Baits! Let's go fishin'!! Now the Groms that were not chosen, your name stays in the bucket and if you post again this month you will be added to the bucket again. This means you will now have your name in the bucket 2 times and so on every month you don't get picked. We were so stoked to see so many more Groms in the bucket for this month. We love seeing all boys and girls out there fishing. Keep it up and good luck to all the Groms for the next month!!!

There is No Off Season in SoCal

Fished Point Loma for a few hours yesterday evening. Despite rough conditions we got some. There really is no off season here in SoCal. This is actually my favorite time of the year to target bass and to find new spots. You can never have enough spots. The lobster guys mark every hard bottom spot for you this time of year. Lobster and bass live in the same neighborhoods, so get out there and learn your electronics better and take a look at these spots. Then drop a Hookup Bait down to them and more then likely you will bring up a bass. #hookupbaits #mermaidsmilk #neverstoplearning Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute Broodstock Program [Photos + Video]

Hookup Baits as well as other private boats participated in the Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute Broodstock Program Thursday and Friday this week. Our goal was to collect Halibut for their program. The goal was to catch 20 male halibut of legal size. The grand total from the two days was: Males - 4 Females - 5 Unknown - 5 - A gonad sample was unable to be attained from these fish, we will try again in a few months! Total - 14!! All the fish are doing well in the tank after handling. Thanks, Chris Arechaederra, for the awesome recap video (below)! Photos Enjoy a few select photos below. View entire gallery here, thanks to CCA Cal! Video

Saturdays are for the Girls…and Fishin’! [Video]

What a great video and sweet girls! We love that they are out catching fish and love the Hookup Baits. Chad picked out some great things and sent the girls over a package full of fun HUB surprises. Check out the video to see what they got and watch how excited they are! #hookupbaits #groms #supportouryouth Most of all...thank you for all of your support and business.

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Trout Fishing at Lake Jennings

Recently we made an appearance at the beautiful Lake Jennings. Trout season is in full affect. Check out these photos and see why we like Lake Jennings for trout fishing! Lake Jennings Offerings Open Daily: December 21st - January 6th. Hours of Operation: 6am - 5pm Free Boat Launch: December 27th & January 3rd, Bring your own boat and the $8 fee will be waived. Rental Boats: First come, first serve. Choose from motorboats, rowboats, kayaks, and paddle boats for rent. Camping reservations available!! Learn more about Lake Jennings.

We’re Bringing Back Black Friday – Round 2!

Black Friday is here...again!! Hookup Baits will be doing another sale just for you! What better gifts than a bait or 2…or 5! Check out our shop and load up that cart because 20% off is a steal! Here are the details: 20% off of EVERYTHING in the store. FREE Shipping over $50. When checking out, use the discount code: BF18ROUND2 Click Here for Your Deal! Need Recommendations?? Visit Santa's Holiday Gift Recommendations for ideas and options for the best gift possible!

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Santa’s Holiday Gift Recommendations

Not sure what baits to purchase this holiday season? Well, you're in luck. Santa recently passed over his recommendation list to us, so here you go. Happy Holidays!! Trout Sizes: 1/32 and 1/16 oz. Favorite colors: Black Gold, Brown Gold, Yellow White, Pink Silver and Orange Gold. Fresh Water Bass Sizes: 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 oz. Favorite colors: Shad White, Mint, Purple Silver, Sardine Green and Glow Green. Spotted Bay Bass Size: 1/4 oz. Favorite colors: Mint, Sardine Green, Chovy, Brown Gold, Shad White and Purple Silver. Halibut Sizes: 3/8 and 5/8 oz. Favorite colors: Mint, Sardine Green, Chovy, Brown Gold, Glow Green. Calico/Sand Bass Sizes: 5/8, 1 oz and 1.5 oz. Favorite colors: Purple Silver, Mint, Sardine Green, Red Crab, and Glow Green. Rockfish Sizes and options: Double rig with Owner 3 way swivels #2 or #4 with a 1.5 oz jig. Favorite colors: Mint, Chovy, Sardine Green, Pink Silver and Red Crab Yellowtail/Bonita/Barracuda Sizes: 5/8, 1 oz and 1.5 oz. Favorite colors: Mint, Purple Silver, Sardine Green, Chovy and Red Crab. Lingcod/Big Bass/Yellow Tail/White Sea Bass Sizes: 3 and 4 oz. Favorite colors: Sardine Green, Mint, Brown Gold, Red Crab, and Purple Silver. Shop Now!

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HUB Sponsors 3rd Place for SD Angler’s 23rd Open Bay Bass Tourney

The San Diego Angler's Open Bay Bass Tournament is back for it's 23rd year. This year we decided to participate as sponsor. We are taking care of the 3rd place winners with a prize of $500! Event Details Date: Saturday, February 2, 2019 Location: Shelter Island launch ramp, San Diego, CA Start time: Approx. 6:15am For more information, check out SD Angler's website. Fill out the entry form here!

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Double Rig Fishing on the Islands

My old friend Ron been asking me to take him out fishing and the planets finally aligned today. Took him and his fishin bud out to the islands. Had good action all day, only kept a few. The double rig was on fire. #hookupbaits #mermaidsmilk #shimanofishing #keywestboats Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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