A message from Debbie Patenaude, Wow Chairman:

I believe this was our very best WOW trip yet! After deliberating with Captain Taro, weighing the pros and cons, we chose to go to the Coronado Island in preference to offshore tuna fishing, hoping to make sure everyone got fish. So, early, 4:15 am, on Wednesday, September 26th, our SDA volunteers, Alisa, Bobby, Norm, Mike Kezele, Rudy, Dwayne, Debbie, Steve Carson all set with multiple Bonito rigs, and Chad, with plenty of Hookup Baits to go around, the others bearing rods to share showed up at Fisherman’s Landing ready to welcome our warriors. We thought we would be there before our WOW anglers but we underestimated how excited they were! Many showed up very early!

About 5:30 am, after all the paperwork was completed, Taro headed us toward the Islands. Calm seas and no one got sick. It seemed that in no time we had a quadruple hook up on Bonito, which happened nearly every time we moved the boat. The guys really had to work at getting the fish in with a moving boat! This gave them a chance to show off their muscles, amid cheers and laughter. We caught 27 different species (thank you Steve for tracking this for us), and everyone got several fish. We caught everything from Tree Fish to Tuna. One of the guys even got the nickname of the Yellowtail Whisperer after catching one Yellowtail and hooking 2 others. We headed in, tired, happy, and full from the great food on the boat.

Several of the guys came up during the day to say how much they were enjoying the trip and how much it meant to them. At the end of the day, lots of hugs were given with promises to come back next year.

A huge thank you to Aspire Center, AFYMCA, Joe Smith, and Fred Bransletter for helping us find our Warriors. Thank you to Capt. Taro and the crew of the Liberty who bent over backwards to make sure everyone was taken care of. A special thank you to Friends of Rollo, Frank Lopreste, and Jim Bostian, and the SDA Foundation for helping sponsor this trip. Without you, and people like you wanting to make a difference in the lives of these Warriors, these trips wouldn’t be possible. We are so grateful!

Debbie Patenaude, Wow Chairman