Who is Al Vazquez?

I have been a fishing since I have been old enough to do it. Growing up I always loved fishing. Throughout my years as a fisherman I would have considered myself a yellowtail and tuna type of guy. But now I have found my passion in salt water bass fishing. The fishing bug is imbedded within me, I can never seem to get enough fishing time in on the water. I find myself fishing as hard the last ten minutes of the day as I did the first cast of the morning, I simply love the grind. The suspense of not knowing what will bite on the other end of my line with my next cast keeps me motivated to keeping going sunup to sundown. What I feel separates me from another fisherman is my open mind. I am always willing to learn, adapt, adjust, and even experiment on the fly. This allows me to constantly push myself to become a better fisherman and overall catch better quality fish, but it isn’t always about me catching fish, I’ve learned that you must be selfless before you can be selfish. Not only do I enjoy catching fish myself but teaching and helping others catch fish is truly gratifying.

Why did you come up with Mermaids Milk?

Mermaids Milk was created for our tournament fishing as well as to specifically meet the needs of the Hookup Baits. There are many other good fishing scents out there, but Mermaids Milk is truly the perfect fit for job. We are extremely picky when it comes to scents and have tried several others, but this stuff blows them all out of the water. From the consistency, colors, ease of use along with the scent trail it leaves makes the argument easy that this is has met and exceeded our standards for fishing scent. While using Mermaids Milk paired with Hookup Baits we most recently won the 2017 Saltwater Bass Series Championships along with the title of Anglers of The Year.

What makes Mermaids Milk Different from Other Scents?

The Consistency is key! The application nozzle helps with filling the Hookup Baits along with adding a secondary color to the bait depending on the scent of choice and a scent trail beyond all other brands. If you find you have some difficulty with consistency there are some tricks we like to use to maintain and maximize performance. If you find the consistency to thin, try putting the bottle in your live well or ice chest. If you find the consistency is to thick, typically on colder days, you can either leave it out in direct sunlight or I like to throw in my pocket to warm it up and keeps it easily accessible for next application. With the right consistency and application nozzle I have found an easy and mess free way to apply scent to your bait. This allows you to spend more time fishing and less time cleaning off you hands and gear of stinky scent. Scent isn’t always a must and I understand when the fish are chewing they are chewing, but when scent is needed to get bit, Mermaids Milk is the guaranteed solution. Therefore, while using Hookup Baits there is no close second this perfected scent line.

Recommended Scent by Choice of Bait

My typical application of scent to bait is based off of how and what I am fishing. An easy rule of thumb that I basically follow goes with the 3 common water columns. If I am doing a fast retrieve through the top of the water column or even a steady retrieve through the middle of the water column I prefer to use Fin Bait scent. If I find that the fish are biting towards the bottom or I am targeting bass and other species directly on the bottom the Crustacean scent really works exceptionally well. Garlic scent works awesome in freshwater, but you can always be applied in salt water as well. We apply scent every five to ten casts and the tougher the bite the more we re-apply, it truly makes the DIFFERENCE!

Below is a quick break down of the jig color and scent preferred for each:

  • Mint: Fin Bait & Crustacean
  • Sardine Green Silver: Fin Bait &Crustacean & Garlic
  • Chovy: Fin Bait &Crustacean & Garlic
  • Brown Gold: Crustacean & Garlic
  • Red Crab: Crustacean
  • Orange Gold: Crustacean & Garlic
  • Black Gold: Fin Bait &Crustacean & Garlic
  • Glow Green Silver: Fin Bait & Garlic
  • Shad White: Fin Bait & Crustacean & Garlic
  • Pink Silver: Fin Bait & Crustacean & Garlic
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