Tournament Sale – Get Stocked Up on Hookup Baits!

It's Time to Stock Up! Many of you know, Hookup Baits is having it's first ever Annual Tournament! For one day only, in preparation for the tournament, make sure to stock up on some baits to use throughout the day!! 15% off of EVERYTHING in the store. plus, spend over $50 and get: FREE SHIPPING When checking out, use the discount code: TOURNEYSALE18 Special offer is valid between 12:01am -11:59pm, Friday 09/28/18 Shop Online & Save!

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Hooking Up Heroes – Warriors on the Water Charter

Loading the boxes full of beautiful baits for the Warriors On the Water charter tomorrow on the Liberty. This charter is put together by San Diego Anglers and it is my pleasure to be a part of it by supplying baits for the entire boat and helping these heroes get hooked up. Its the least I can do for these hero's that fought for our freedom. #hookupbaits #givingback #hookingupheroes Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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Founder of Mermaids Milk – Al Vazquez’s Portfolio

Who is Al Vazquez? I have been a fishing since I have been old enough to do it. Growing up I always loved fishing. Throughout my years as a fisherman I would have considered myself a yellowtail and tuna type of guy. But now I have found my passion in salt water bass fishing. The fishing bug is imbedded within me, I can never seem to get enough fishing time in on the water. I find myself fishing as hard the last ten minutes of the day as I did the first cast of the morning, I simply love the grind. The suspense of not knowing what will bite on the other end of my line with my next cast keeps me motivated to keeping going sunup to sundown. What I feel separates me from another fisherman is my open mind. I am always willing to learn, adapt, adjust, and even experiment on the fly. This allows me to constantly push myself to become a better fisherman and overall catch better quality fish, but it isn’t always about me catching fish, I’ve learned that you must be selfless before you can be selfish. Not only do I enjoy catching fish myself but teaching and helping others catch fish is truly gratifying. Why did you come up with Mermaids Milk? Mermaids Milk was created for our tournament fishing as well as to specifically meet the needs of the Hookup Baits. There are many other good fishing scents out there, but Mermaids Milk [...]

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Honoring Grandma Evelyn with Vintage Trophies for HUB Tourney

Written by Jojo  Evelyn L. Breech loved to fish! It didn’t matter if it was freshwater or saltwater, Grandma loved being on the water. Some of her favorite places to fish were the Colorado River, Martinez Lake - north of Yuma, and San Felipe Baja, Mexico. I remember many weekends where Grandma Evelyn and my mom would head out in Grandma’s boat for a fishing tournament with the Yuma Women’s Reel and Rifle Club. They won many awards because they were a great team! If Grandma wasn’t fishing, then she was buying fishing pole blanks. She set up a special table where she would sit and wrap fishing poles for fresh and saltwater. She used them for her own personal fishing, different tournaments, and gave many to family members as gifts. I have so many wonderful memories of fishing with my mom, dad, and Grandparents. Grandma Evelyn has passed away, but I treasure each and every handmade pole she made. Every fishing bag that has her initials “ELB” written on it reminds me of her and I hope to carry on the passion of the sport of fishing being a third-generation woman that loves to fish. I know if Grandma Evelyn was here today she would be Hookup Baits' biggest cheerleader out there on the water fishing with the baits. In her honor, for our 1st Hookup Baits tournament to be held on October 6, 2018, my parents gave me many boxes of trophies that were won by my Grandma [...]

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Filming with Cameron Jonas

Spent a few days last week filming all new instructional videos with Cameron Jonas. We found an area of yellowtail, tuna and big bonita that we were able to put a hurting on. We got some great footage. The next day we fished the bay and Cameron got a nice bay Sand bass. Always a great time fishing and filming with this kid! Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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Out on the Water with HUB Guys & Jeff’s First Yellowtail [Video]

Took the guys that make the Hookup Baits out to show them why they have to work so hard and have to pump out so many baits. Full limits of yellowtail for 5 guys. Released half of them and seals got their share also. Pretty much reeling in a yellow or a calico all day long at the islands. Good times boys. Keep up the great work. #hookupbaits #shimanofishing #powerprobraid #nolivebaitneeded Video Photos Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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September Grom of the Month – Recap

Congrats to Newport Artifical Crew for being the chosen Grom of the month for September. They were stoked on the Fishworks, Dinkskwad and Hookupbaits swag and also on the day of fishing. Fishing was a little slower then normal. We started out doing a short loop outside looking for some close tuna or skipjacks with no luck then found our way to La Jolla. There was plenty of the standard size calicos biting, but no yellows. Then I asked them if they want fish to take home and they said yes, so I took them to a shallow water rock fish spot and showed them how rockfishing Hookupbaits style is done. We got 3 small black sea bass and some big reds along with some more calico and sand bass. All in all, a good day. I love taking these youngsters out and getting them hooked up. Nice getting to know you and fishin' with you boys. #hookupbaits #gromofthemonth #fishworksclothing #dinkskwad #shimanofishing Thank you Fishworks Clothing & DInk SKwad for the swag for the Groms. Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

Island Fishing with Tim and Tara

  Great time with our good friends Tim and Tara at the islands yesterday. Congrats to Tara on her first yellowtail. We all ended up with limits + on the yellows plus some bonita and other critters. Easy fishing for the yellows at the islands right now hard part is getting out there with the sloppy conditions. #hookupbaits #nolivebaitneeded #catchandrelease #shimanofishing Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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Labor Day Sale

It's Labor Day! We hope you are able to honor this Labor Day with your family, friends and loved ones! We are truly thankful for all of the people who have worked hard to make this country the best country in the world! For your loyalty to the hard working Hookup Baits family, we'd love for you to SAVE a little money while you shop on Monday by offering: 15% off of EVERYTHING in the store. plus, spend over $50 and get: FREE SHIPPING When checking out, use the discount code: LABOR18 Special offer is valid between 12:01am -11:59pm, Monday 09/03/18 Shop Online & Save!

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