1st Annual Hookup Baits Tournament

Since we've been participating in so many tournament and competitions, we figured we might as well start our own tournament! This year, on October 6th, we will be holding our 1st Annual Hookup Baits Fishing Tournament. Event Details Date: October 6, 2018 Location: Dana Landing More details to come! Sponsors      

HUB4Groms – September Contest Winner

Congrats, Brandon Choy, for winning the September contest this month. He won this custom tackle box full of baits! To see his video, go follow HUB4Groms (for 18yrs old or younger)! You all know about the Hookup Baits 4 Groms new Instagram, right? Well we've started giving a monthly prize out to those Groms who post a video about HUB! Here are the rules: Must be 18 years old or YOUNGER Must follow HUB4Groms Post a video on your personal page talking about your favorite story involving HookupBaits OR why you love Hookup Baits Tag #hub4groms  

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Grom of the Month – September Winner!

Grom of the Month for September has been chosen! The boys of @newport_articifical_crew on Instgram, Trey Smith and Tyler Robison, are this month's Groms. Lets go fishin' guys. Congrats!! Now the Groms that were not chosen, your name stays in the bucket and if you post again this month you will be added to the bucket again. This means you will now have your name in the bucket 2 times and so on every month you don't get picked. We were so stoked to see so many more Groms in the bucket for this month. We love seeing all boys and girls out there fishing. Keep it up and good luck to all the Groms for the next month!!! Share from our facebook page!

HUB Wins SD Rod and Reel Club Big Fish Tournament

So many yellows caught Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Coronado Island's. Fished SD Rod and Reel Club Big Fish tournament Saturday and we won it. The 1oz and 5/8 oz. In mint, sardine and chovy on 25lb flouro is bit quick both casted and trolled. Oh and even got an 80 lb Mako in on a 1.5oz mint fished on 40 lb flouro. #hookupbaits Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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Team Member Spotlight: Frank Santiago

Our team member spotlights are to recognize and show our appreciation for the amazing efforts and dedication of specific team members. Hookup Baits is one big family and we want to show some love to the people that make all of what we do, easier. Thank you!! This spotlight goes out to Frank Santiago, a tournament team and staff member! Congrats and thank you, Frank! Get to know Frank How did you hear about Hookup Baits? I first met Chad at the San Diego Rod and Reel Club (SDRRC) Monthly Meeting. He was selling Baits out of a Plano Tackle Box, so I asked him for his recommendation for SD Bay, Mission Bay and Santee Lakes. What was your first experience using Hookup Baits? After buying the baits at SDRRC on Thursday, I went on a bike ride around Mission Bay. On my first 5 casts I caught a short Halibut, a Calico Bass, a Spotted Bay Bass, a Sand Bass and another Spotted Bay Bass. Needless to say, I was in awe. Thinking it was not real, I went out the next weekend and I was fishing near a group of guys. They were out fishing the same area not catching anything, meanwhile watching me catch almost every other cast. Two of the five came over and asked what I was using. I gave each of them one and next thing you know all 3 of us were catching!! After that, the rest is history. How has Hookup Baits [...]

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New Retail Location – Been There Caught That in Santa Maria, CA

Another awesome addition to our retail shops, as Hookup Baits expanded north, is Been There Caught That in Santa Maria! We're so excited to announce that they will be one of our preferred partners, so check them out for the newest Hookup Baits. Follow them on Facebook! Click the button below for other retail locations. Where to Buy!

August Grom of the Month – Recap

Good times with Grom of the Month, August Rex, his bro Ben, dad Brett and his best fishing buddy Kevin out on the water yesterday. We got plenty of bass and rockfish and a yellowtail. The boys were stoked on the fishing and the swag!! Thanks for the support.  #hookupbaits #gromofthemonth #fishworksclothing #dinkskwad #anglerchronicals #grundens #shimanofishingfans #fishingsyndicaterods Thank you Fishworks Clothing & DInk SKwad for the swag for the Groms. Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

Evening Fishin’ with Jojo and Al

Got out for a little evening session yesterday with Jojo and Al. Found some big bait balls and stated casting on them. We were getting lots of barracuda right around legal size then Al hooked something real. After landing a nice home guard we reset and we got a double a small one and another home guard. We then had a great bass sundowner bite. One quality bass after another til the sun went down. Gotta love SD! #hookupbaits #grundens #shimanofishing Check out the original facebook post here and share from our page!

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Hookup Baits New Instagram Specifically for GROMS!

Hello Groms! We've had such success with our Grom program this year so far. We love our Groms and to show how much we appreciate your support, we've created an Instagram ESPECIALLY for you! GROMS ONLY! We will be dedicating this Instagram to posting photos of Groms with their catches, so get to tagging!! Check out the new Instagram: @HUB4Groms and follow us. Just so you know, there's a special discount for those Groms that follow this account. 😎🎣💥

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Paul’s 2.5 day Trip on the Ocean Odyssey

Thanks, Paul, for sending us this awesome story. We're glad that Hookup Baits can travel with you and contribute to your fishing! "Chad: On a recent trip to Mexico, I killed it with various colors and sizes of your baits! Day one was slow, so on day two I had my hook up baits in the Bow ad I was out hooking everyone on the boat by at least two to one, my fish were larger also. Color did not make a difference. I came home with a limit of Yellow Tails to 27.5 lbs. and lost a 30+ lbs. Dorado at the gaff. I have enclosed a few pictures for your use. I think you’ll see a bunch of orders off the internet from guys fishing with me. The Big yellow was on for 45 min on the 20 lb, before they gaffed it for me. Tight lines!"  

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