New Truck from Nissan of El Cajon

Had a great experience at Nissan of El Cajon. The manager Jake and our sales guy Derek were both very friendly and helpful as was the whole team there. And they are both anglers and know Hookup Baits. We got an incredible deal on an amazing truck. We shopped a few dealerships and I highly recommend this one. Thanks guys. #hookupbaits #nissanelcajon #fishintruck Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

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Mint Color – Now Available Online!

As we announced a few weeks ago, the long awaited Mint color is now available to purchase online! Mint has always been a popular color in the ocean with plastic and metal lures. Many bait fish have blue tints to them so it is only natural to bring out a blueish mint color bait. We have tested different shades of the color over the past year and it has been very productive on all game fish. We launched this color to our valued customers at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach and they love it! Now it's your turn to try out our newest bait color! Shop Mint Jigs Here!

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March Grom of the Month – Recap

Tough fishing around SD right now, but we were able to get on enough fish to make Luke, March's Grom of the Month, a happy boy. I believe both Luke and his Dad, Ty, learned a lot yesterday. Bummer that Luke lost a really nice Lingcod at color. Always a good time on the water with good people. Thanks again Ty for the Navy Challenge Coin! #hookupbaits #gromofthemonth #freedomboatclubsd #grundens #fishingsyndicaterods Check out more photos of this day here from the original Facebook post. Share from Facebook here!

Catching Big Lings

Went to do a lil bass fishing outside today and it was horrible. Couldn't fish any bass biting so we saved the day with an hours worth of rock fishing. I'm telling you there is nothing better for catching big lings then a super big game Hookup Bait. #hookupbaits #freedomboatclubsd #fishingsyndicaterods #grundens Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

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SBS SD Bay Spotted Bass Tournament

Al and I did ok at the SBS SD Bay Spotted Bay Bass Tournament today. We would have been 5th before our 1 dead fish penalty. Don't know where we ended up after that. We did catch over 20 legal spotties, just couldn't get that kicker fish we needed. The rain was no biggie with our Grundens Rain Gear keeping us dry and comfortable. Our new fishing Syndicate rods paired with the Shimano Stradic Reels were perfect setups for todays fishing. I also got 2 nice bonus halibut. #hookupbaits #freedomboatclubsd #grundens #fishingsyndicaterods #shimanofishing #saltwaterbassseries Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

Photo Shoot for Freedom Boat Club

Yesterday was interesting. Al and I had a video and photo shoot for Freedom Boat Club. The pics and video will be used nation wide to promote the clubs. Pretty cool. Then we fished a few hours in SD Bay and got 4 of these plus a whole lot of nice bass. #hookupbaits #freedomboatclub #shimanofishing #accuratereels #grundens #fishingsyndicaterods Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

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Introducing New Hookup Baits Scents

Al Vasquez, Hookup Baits tournament partner, was frustrated with using scents that were hard to apply to the inside of a Hookup Baits jigs. So through the last year of tournaments he has been working on the scent consistency, scent strength, color and type of bottle that would be easy to use with the jigs. This scent really works and is designed for easy application. It can be used for all fish types and is offered in three scent flavors in a 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottle. Come by our booth at Fred Hall Show in Long Beach to pick up the scents! You don't want to miss having these when you're fishing the Hookup Baits jigs! Mermaids Milk Garlic Scent (2 oz. and 4 oz.) Mermaids Milk Fin Bait Scent (2 oz. and 4 oz.) Mermaids Milk Crustacean Blend Scent (2 oz. and 4 oz.) Available ONLY at our Fred Hall Show booth March 7-11, 2018! ONLINE AVAILABILITY COMING SOON! UPDATE (3/15/18) Hookup Baits Scents are now available online! Purchase Online Here! Hookup Baits Scents To learn more about different seminars and other sponsors/participants, check out the Fred Hall website here. Come support Hookup Baits and get some more knowledge on fishin'! We hope to see you all there!

RECAP: 2018 Fred Hall Show Was A Success!

We had a very successful Fred Hall Show. First of all I want to thank my amazing team made up of great friends. Frank Santiago, Albert Vazquez, Tim Garner and Tara, Paul Anderson, Cameron Jonas, groms Paul, Stuart and Wyatt, and Rhonda Fainsztein. And most of all, the great Jojo. We killed it and had a ton of laughs doing it. Also want to thank all the supporters that stopped by both old and new. We loved hearing all the stories and how the Hookup Baits have changed fishing for you. Also loved all the groups of groms that stopped by. The groms are my personal favorites. They remind me of when I was a teenager and fishing was everything. Looking forward to seeing you all again. Next stop Day at the Docks. Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

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Grom of the Month – March Winner!

Grom of the Month for March has been chosen! Luke Wiese is this month's Grom. Lets go fishin' buddy. Congrats!! Now the Groms that were not chosen, your name stays in the bucket and if you post again this month you will be added to the bucket again. This means you will now have your name in the bucket 2 names and so on every month you don't get picked. We were so stoked to see 55 Groms in the bucket for this month. We love seeing all boys and girls out there fishing. Keep it up and good luck to all the Groms for the next month!!! #hookupbaits #gromofthemonth #gromstogrumpsclothing For more details about how to get Grom of the Month, check out the original Facebook post or share from our facebook page!

Fishing with Super Big Game Hookup Baits

Here is a sample of the fish I have caught just in the last month using the Super Big Game Hookup Baits. This Bait is 8.5 inches long and come in 3&4oz. It is candy for big fish. I personally have an addiction to fishing these big baits now because of how effective they are at catching monster fish of all kinds. We will have a limited supply of these awesome baits going with us to Fred Hall Long Beach. Get them while they last. Especially if you like catching big fish.  #hookupbaits #superbiggames Check out the original post on Facebook or share from our Facebook page!

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