Happy Thanksgiving from Hookup Baits

Thanksgiving is a time to pause and count our many blessings. We are thankful to know you and we wish you and everyone dear to you all the best during this holiday season. May you have an abundance of joy, happiness, peace, good health and good cheer! From, Chad and Jojo This post was originally on Facebook. If you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

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Hookup Your Black Friday!

Black Friday is COMING!! Hookup Baits will be doing a little something just for you! What better gifts to give than a bait or two...or 5! Check out our shop and load up that cart because 20% off is a steal! Here are the details: 20% Off Everything Free Shipping over $100 Discount Code BLACKFRIDAY17 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Click Here for Your Deal!

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Utah River Fishing with Hookup Baits – Part 2 (Video)

The first Utah River Fishing Video was a huge hit! So, as promised, here is the second part of the Utah River Fishing life. This video not only captures the absolute beauty of Utah, it also captures a bunch of brown river trout lovin’ on some Hookup Baits. Thanks to Cameron Jonas for the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlQDrAmuBtY This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

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San Diego Rod and Reel Tournament

Fun little tournament in SD Bay with San Diego Rod and Reel club today. Jojo and I got invited to fish it on Gary's boat. Thanks Gary. We had a good time catching bass all day and I was able to pull off first place and halibut jackpot. Jojo took second place and Gary got third. The tournament was for a combined weight of a spotted bay bass and sand bass. With a halibut jack pot also. The Hookup Baits never fail. Most guy's in the tournament were fishing live bait. Save your $ guys and fish the Hookup Baits.#hookupbaits This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

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Sore arms at the Coronado Islands

Sore arms today. Headed out to Coronado Islands. Insane good sized Bonita and Calico Bass going on there right now. Started at North Island. Got a few Bonita on the trolled Hookup Baits and a hand full of bass. Made our way down to the middle grounds and found an area of Bonita and Bass that bit full speed for about 3 hours for us. The 5/8 Hookup Bait in any color was a instant hookup. #hookupbaits This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

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Slow Day on the Bay

Little slower today on the deep structure bass but we got some good ones plus a few Bonita. The bay was biting good. Got a 25 and 30 inch Halibut, some nice Spotties and Sand Bass also. #hookupbaits This post was originally on Facebook, if you have good stories and pictures please share on our facebook page.

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2017 Tournament Recap

The main reason why we started participating in the Saltwater Bass Tournaments was to test the effectiveness of the Hookup Baits compared to all of the other baits these great fishermen are using to fish these highly competitive tournaments. Well our Hookup Baits passed the test with flying colors in both bay and inshore! During the entire tournament series we only used Hookup Baits exclusively no matter what conditions, locations or type of fish we were fishing for. We wanted to share how effectively these baits work! Tournaments 2017 2017 Saltwater Bass Series Overall Champions 1st Place Olive Crest Pro/Am 1st Place Saltwater Bass Series (SBS) Championship 2nd Place Open Bay Bass Tournament San Diego Bay 2nd Place SBS San Diego Bay 3rd Place SBS Newport Bay 5th Place Saltwater Bass Anglers Mission Bay 15th Place SBS Long Beach Bay only 2017 Saltwater Bass Series Inshore Series Champions 1st Place SBS San Diego Inshore Tournament #1 1st Place SBS San Diego Inshore Tournament #2 2nd Place SBS Long Beach Inshore Tournament #1 1st Place SBS Long Beach Inshore Tournament #2 2017 Saltwater Bass Series Anglers of the Year Special Thanks We want to give a special thanks to Al Vasguez for being an awesome tournament partner that anyone would be proud to fish with. Also, shout out to Angler Chronicles, Owner Hooks and Freedom Boats for their continued support of these tournaments. Last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to Dave Bruce for lettings us borrow his boat for [...]

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