Fished San Diego Anglers Bass Slam Tournament yesterday with my girl Jojo, Tim Garner and his wife Tara. The tournament is you have to get a bass slam: 1 Calico, 1 Sand, and 1 Spottie and weigh in those 3 bass. So we hit deep structure spots for our Calicos and Sand Bass. Fishing was good and we all had quality bass on the boat by 10am. Then it was off to SD bay for our Spotties, giving us plenty of time for each of us to put a legal spotted bay bass on the boat. Turns out we only needed a half an hour. Jojo connected with a legal on the first cast, then I got one on my 3rd cast. Tim on his 5th cast then Tera a few minutes after that. Crazy! The first 4 fish in the bay were all legals. We fished the bay a few more hours catching more legal spotties, sand bass, Calicos, a Big Sculpin, and Short Halibut. At the weigh-ins Tara ended up with 6th, Jojo 5th, Tim 3rd and I took first place and the jackpot! Great day and tournament put on by a great club. Thanks SD Anglers. And yes the bass were released. Forgot to get Jojo’s pic. Sorry honey!

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