What a fun day with a bunch of great people. We want to thank everyone that came out for our first of many all Hookup Baits school fishing Charter aboard the Sea Star out of Oceanside with Capt.Joe. These trips are by invite only for our great supporters and customers. There was a whole lot of learning going on. We broke the group up into four teams so each group had their own Hookup Baits instructor. Then we had various tournaments between the teams to see who had to wear the cat hat. We also did small seminars between stops. I believe everyone on board learned a few things and we caught fish and had tons of fun while doing it. The guys that got invited on this trip were the ones that let us know they would like to go when we posted our test run of this trip. So let us know if you would like to be on the next one and we will put you one the list. We absolutely love helping our supporters become better anglers. Thank you all for this opportunity to do so. 

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