Last Saturday we put together a all Hookup Baits charter with Sea Star Sportfishing in Oceanside. About a year ago Captain Joe was the first boat owner/ capt. to carry Hookup Baits on board for his private charters to use and with great success. So he offered us a deal on this charter with his reorder of baits and we threw together a group of Hookup Baits supporters and went out and had a great time.

Without a single peace of live bait on the boat we caught a good amount of calico and sand bass with a few that were legal. A bunch short white sea bass these little guys were all over the jigs. A few bonita, 1 nice sheephead, and hooked 2 big yellowtail one coming off after a few head shakes and the other we had to chase down and was eventually lost in the kelp. Jojo and I want to thank all that came out and shared this day with us. You guys are awesome.

Capt. Joe has offered me a few more trips like this to teach and fish with Hookup Baits supporters. If we have enough interest we will put more together. Thanks!

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