Another great day with the boys and newcomer Daniel Bittner. Lots of pb’s broken today. Ben Tello got his pb white sea bass at 40lbs and pb yellowtail at 32lbs, Tim Garner got his pb yellowtail twice at 27 and 28 lbs. (These weights are from a digital scale taken on the dock) Daniel got his pb calico, and pb on #’s caught. Plus his first white sea bass.
The white sea bass was caught at point Loma with a 1oz chovy Hookup Bait. First thing in the morning along with some calicos. We then went to La Jolla for more calicos and bonita. But the action wasn’t what i was looking for so i continued up the coast. Found some bait up hi straight out from Del Mar and it was game on the rest of the day. Thats where the 3 yellows came from. All 3 were on the 5/8 hookup Baits in glow green and sardine green. They were wanting the smaller baits. The calico bite there was also on fire. Many quality bass and alot of short white sea bass mixed in also. Seriously guy’s live bait is not needed when you have Hookup Baits.

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