Hello Hookup Baits! I wanted to send you some photos from my rock fishing trip of Half Moon Bay on Thursday. Ran my brothers 28 foot Sea Dory to the reef off of San Gregorio in about 60 to 70 feet of water. I was with my old time fishing buddy Perry who has fished the Bay Are all his life. We used the 1.5 oz chovy Hook Up baits and hooked 8 lings along with other quality varieties of local rockfish. The action was incredible on Hookup Baits. Also, used the Shrimp Butter scent you sell and that seemed to work even better!

My buddy was impressed at how good the Hookup baits worked and I know will place an order and inform his buddies as well. I was fishing 30 lb J braid with 30 lb FC that seemed to work the best as you recommended in your seminar at the Anglers Club meeting.

I’ll be placing another soon! Thanks, John Alaimo

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