29 05, 2017

Some Time Off . . . With My Girl and Hookup Baits Of Course

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What a perfect Sunday with my girl Jojo. We didn't get out of bed until 2 in the afternoon. We then took our bikes down to Sd bay and rode / fished. We caught at least one fish at every spot we tried. We got lots of spotted bay bass, sand bass, a white sea bass, a yellowfin croaker, and 6 halibut. Jojo got 1 halibut that was just under legal then had an other that was well over legal but broke off at her feet. This post originally appeared on Facebook - so please go there to like and share :) werpro #dontblinkonthesink #nolivebaitneeded #ownerhooks

26 05, 2017

Hookup Baits Hits Coronado Islands

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Went out to the Coronado islands yesterday. Beautiful flat water all day but had a problem finding fish that wanted to play. We hooked 1 good yellowtail that didn't make it to the boat. Did get a few bass and other critters. The beauty of using Hookup Baits there's always bycatch. Did a few drifts in sd bay on the way in for some good sand and spotted bass. This post originally appeared on Facebook - so please go there to like and share :) #powerpro #dontblinkonthesink #nolivebaitneeded #ownerhooks #freedomboatclub

21 05, 2017

First Place finish for Hookup Baits at Saltwater Bass Series Inshore Tournament

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We are sooo stoked with our back to back wins of the Saltwater Bass Series inshore bass tournaments. We weighed in a 5 bass limit of just under 24lbs. 3 calico and 2 sand bass. Big game Hookup Baits got them all. Gotta thank SBS for putting on these great tournaments and all the awesome anglers that we get to fish these tournaments with. We learn so much everytime we fish one. Also thanks to my great friends and crew for coming out for the weigh ins. Love ya guys! This post originally appeared on Facebook - so please go there to like and share  #hookupbaits #shimanofishing #powerpro #dontblinkonthesink #nolivebaitneeded #sbs #freedomboatclub #ownerhooks Video of Awards Ceremony

18 05, 2017

Yellowtail Going Crazy for Hookup Baits

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All you want legal size cudas and 3 yellows today. All on the Hookup Baits. This post originally appeared on Facebook - so please go there to like and share :) #hookupbaits #shimanofishing #powerpro #dontblinkonthesink #nolivebaitneeded #ownerhooks #freedomboatclub  

14 05, 2017

Fishen the LA Harbor Brings 100 Bass, 5 Halibut & 3 Sculpin

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We had a great day fishen LA harbor today. Stayed inside because of the wind but we still managed over 100 bass 5 halibut and 3 sculpin for the 3 of us. And as always everything on the Hookup Baits. This post originally appeared on Facebook - so please go there to like and share :) #hookupbaits #shimanofishing #powerpro #dontblinkonthesink #nolivebaitneeded  

13 05, 2017

Twilight Trip with SD Anglers Proves Awesome!

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Took a fun little twilight trip with the San Diego Anglers group. I had a great time getting all the youngsters hooked up. I believe that about 95% of the anglers on the boat were using Hookup baits by the end of the night. Pretty awesome! Congrats to Dillan Robeson on his PB and jack pot 5lb calico on a 5/8 Black and Gold Hookup bait. The Hookup Baits out fished the live anchovy and cut squid by a long ways. UPDATE: A few days later, the San Diego Angler's Group put out in their newsletter . . . . The fishing was a little slow with a few mackerel caught in the kelp line. As the sun went down, we moved out to a little deeper water for some rock fish action. The largest of the Calico bass were caught on the "Hook-up" baits. In the Junior jackpot, (a large Calico) took first place on a Hook-up bait. I think this was about 5 lbs. A great time was had by all getting out on the water and almost all the kids were fishing and that was great to see. Be good to one another!! ~Bobby This post originally appeared on Facebook - so please go there to like and share :) #nolivebaitneeded #hookupbaits #shimanofishing #powerpro #dontblinkonthesink #nolivebaitneeded #sandiegoanglers  

11 05, 2017

Hookup Baits Proud Sponsor of SD’s Yellowtail Derby

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We are proud to announce that we are the Title Sponsor of the Halibut Division at the 2017 International Yellowtail Derby. San Diego's International Yellowtail Derby is a World Class fishing tournament reminiscent of San Diego's famous Yellowtail Derby of the 50s and 60s. Learn more about the Yellowtail Derby on their website.    

7 05, 2017

Hookup Baits Gives Back at Nice Guys Charity Auction

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We attended the Nice Guys Charity Auction last night along with Norm and Sue Campbell. We had a great time and the theme was military. We auctioned off a Hookup Baits fishing trip that went for around $700. Learn more about the Nice Guys here. This post originally appeared on Facebook - so if you hang out there, go like and share :)

6 05, 2017

Hookup Baits Claims 5th at SWBA Tournament

2017-05-08T09:04:44-07:00May 6th, 2017|News & Announcements, Shows & Events|0 Comments

Great tournament put on by SWBA at Mission bay. Team Hookup baits ended up taking 5th place with 5 spotted bay bass that went 8.10 lbs. We definitely had some better ones on but didn't get them in the boat. Al had a 17 incher that fell off on the bounce. We ended up with 7 legal bass for the day. The Red Crab Hookup bait was the ticket for us. Congrats Bobby and Garret for their first place win today. #hookupbaits #shimanofishing #powerpro #dontblinkonthesink #nolivebaitneeded #swba This post originally appeared on Facebook - go there if you'd like to share :)

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