I fished the Liberty on Thursday and met up with an angler named Andrew Culver, in the attached photo, and he caught the largest YT for the day by far. He is a devote user for Hookup baits. He had 4 rods set up with them and did not use bait all day. Long story short he ended up with 4 fish and lost one all on the Hookup Sardine 5/8 oz bait. I was throwing the iron and then switched over to the same bait and I ended up with my 4 as well. The boat was crowded, 42 anglers and if they had all been using your baits, we would had a lot more fish.

The trick was to drop the baits and slow wind back to the boat, yo yo like presentation. The body count for the 42 anglers was 100 YT and 3 BFT so e we both had more than our share of fish because we used your fish catching baits.

Spoke with Andrew and he uses Hookup baits all over the bays and consistently catches fish. I got hi number and plan to fish the bays with him in my boat as he is a shore angler.

Testimonial provided by John Alaimo

Thanks John!