Well not much fishen this week due to getting prepared for the Fred Hall Show. Did get out for a couple hours Thursday to Lake Wolford. Fishing was slow. We got a few trout and one nice bass. The bass and most of the trout were on the 1/32 Chovy Hookup Baits jig.
Saturday Jojo and I had a bay tournament on mission bay for San Diego Anglers club. There was a good turn out. We didn’t place due to the fact that I went for the home run fish instead of making a limit of fish. I fished big jigs and the rocks and it almost paid off. I hooked a really nice one that won the tug a war for the rocks. We did catch around 30 short bass tho. Nothing picture worthy. 3/8 & 5/8 Hookup Baits jigs in red crab, shad white and glow green were best.

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