What a great weekend! I want to thank Sergio Fainsztein and the Anglers chronicles crew for all of the support and laughs. The radio show and premier party was great. Also nice seeing Geoffrey Michael Hunt. Thanks for the support from LP fishing supply. Wayne Kotow thanks for all you do for all of us fishermen. It was nice talking to everyone at the Pacific Sport fishing show today. And thanks Jjcjr Hopalong for the opportunity to be on Rod and Reel Radio show this evening and all the great support from Anglers Arsenal. We are so fortunate to have so many great people in this industry that support Hookup Baits.

Jojo and I appreciate you all.

Order yours today online or buy locally at Angler’s Arsenal, LP fishing supply and the small size Jigs at East County Bait and Tackle (See where to buy here.)

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