Fishin Report for Week of 10/24/16

Monday, took my Dad and Brother out to check a new spot along the coast. It's a deep water structure spot and after locating it with my electronics it was game on for the next 4 hours. We caught bass on every cast with most of them being in the 3 to 6 lb. range. After that we wanted to try for some yellowtail so we headed to Coronado Islands. We catch some big bonito but the seals were all over us so we fished some structure spots out there that I know of and had the same results big bass on every cast and some big Rock fish also. The 5/8, 1 &1.5 oz jigs in various colors were best. Friday took my girl Jojo out to get in on the bass action. We just fished the coastal spot and caught bass almost every cast with not as many big ones this time. Sunday evening, took a boat load of good friends out on the bay for a few hours. We had fun catching sandbass, spotted bass, calico bass, halibut, barracuda, bonita, sculpin and mackerel. 1/4 & 3/8 oz. Jigs in various colors were best. Thank you to my family, good friends and Jojo for making this birthday so special!