Mission Bay testimonial

"My kid knows just how to cheer me up! We went out on an early evening bite after dinner. Got a slow start in Mission Bay with only 1 calico and 1 spotty so we left. Ended up at Shelter Island just as the tide started going out and it was on! Got the 1st 13" spotty on the 2nd cast then Lilee got the next one right after. The black/gold 1/4oz was the ticket tonight. Once we figured that out, it was a total of 2 13" spotties, 4 8"and under, 2 calicos and 3 sandies in an hour. I don't think the others that were fishing there since 3pm were very happy with us....jussayin... ‪#‎hookupbaits" -Frank Santiago

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Crocker on Hookup Bait

"Crazy days on the bay! Yesterday dock hopped for about 2 hours and caught around 10 bass 2 halibut one legal and I got my first Crocker on the hookup bait! And today just crazy wide open bass fishing probably got around 60 in 2 hours of fishing! Every cast!!!" -Chad Homan

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"A bass every cast"

"Got out late and was slow during slack tide but still got bit when nobody else was. But once the water started moving, it was a bass every cast! Thanks Chad for the reload of green sardines and others I needed. Probably 30 bass in 45 minutes." -Frank Santiago

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"Red Crab Hookup Bait was getting Hammered"

"Fished the Red Crab Hookup bait and it was getting Hammered! Fished with 3 others and I completely outfished everybody! Every drop I was getting hit while the others fishing with squid, Scampi plastic with squid and the regular plastic flat tail were not getting hit nearly as much. Two of them asked to borrow one of my Hookup Baits so that they could start catching fish!! We were fishing Rock Fish, but I got this 17", 2.2lb Sand Bass!"- Gary Mouritzen‎

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